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Welcome to the City of Bowman Planning and Zoning web page.  This site provides access to Bowman’s Land Development Code, the Comprehensive and Transportation Plan, applications for development requests, and the agendas and minutes of the Planning and Zoning Commission meetings.  Should you need any assistance with these documents, please stop by my office or call one of the numbers under the contact information at the left of this page.


Planning and Zoning Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Planning and Zoning Commission and Planning and Zoning Administrator to protect and promote the health, safety and general welfare of all citizens and neighborhoods of the City of Bowman through the professional administration and equitable enforcement of the City of Bowman’s zoning code and ordinances.  Similarly, it is also the Commission and Administrator’s mission to simultaneously maintain an atmosphere for business and industry to thrive by assisting developers and businesses in achieving compliance with the laws and policies adopted by the Bowman Planning and Zoning Commission, City Commission and those of the state and federal legislatures.


March 22, 2017

At the March 21, 2017 City Commission meeting, the Commission held a public hearing on the review of the final amendments to the “Land Development Code” (or more popularly known as “Chapter 6 Zoning Ordinances”).  After due consideration of the updates brought forward to the City Commission by the Planning and Zoning Commission, the final draft was unanimously approved 5-0.  The new amendments take effect immediately.  The updates include expansion of the definitions section, expansion of the uses allowed in each zoning district, the creation of new zoning districts, the inclusion of new design standards for development, and the refinement of the roles and responsibilities of city staff when implementing the Land Development Code.


Work will soon begin on the remainder of the chapters of the city’s municipal code.  Many of these chapters are out of date and need to be brought into compliance with newly passed legislation by the state of North Dakota.  The public is invited to attend all hearings related to this task.  If you have any questions, please call Bowman City Hall at 701-523-3309.

City Planning & Zoning Minutes

February 13, 2024
5:30 pm






Present:  Vice-President Dave Mosbrucker, Jory Reisenauer, Mike Beylund and Peggy Allen


Absent:  President Ryan Shear, Bryan Clendenen, and Pam Fisher


The meeting was called to order by Vice President Mosbrucker.  Motion by Beylund, second by Reisenauer to table the minutes and flood plain discussion due to not having a super majority quorum.  AIF, MC.


Pat Rafferty cancelled his appointment for this meeting.




Old Hickory Sheds:    Clouse would like to sell Old Hickory Sheds and sell different styles of trailers.  Old hickory is requiring him to have a 10’ x 20’ shed onsite as an office.  Mosbrucker showed him what type of shed they would like to see as the office so it looks less like a garden shed.  The Zoning Commission didn’t want a barn style roof for the office. Clouse and the Commission agreed on the style of the shed.


The board is requiring the office to be anchored, but not the storage/garden sheds.


He is thinking of Haul trailers as the trailer distributor, but not positive yet.  He thinks he may just put a fence in the back and not the sides as he originally thought.


He would like to have 12’, 20’ flatbed trailers, maybe some box and gooseneck trailers.  Would probably like to have 10 trailers and 15 sheds on hand.


Clouse was informed that he would also need to get a permit for a sign.


Motion by Reisenauer, second by Beylund to adjourn the meeting at 5:57 pm.  AIF, MC.




The May 14, 2024 zoning meeting has been cancelled.

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