Core Priorities

2022-2027 Strategic Growth Plan


Goal 1: Retain & Strengthen Bowman County Businesses

  1. Encourage local business expansion
  2. Strategically address childcare shortages
  3. Address housing needs
  4. Develop a workforce council and create strategic initiatives
  5. Engage businesses and employees in workshops and trainings
  6. Continue workforce development as a part of K-12 education


Goal 2: Attract New Businesses

  1. Identify target industries
  2. Be business ready
  3. Build networks and involve key players
  4. Aggressively market Bowman County’s strengths and assets
  5. Undertake a systematic business recruitment effort


Goal 3: Enhance Vibrant & Inviting Communities

  1. Increase vibrancy on Main Street
  2. Create easy to navigate communities
  3. Identify and invest in signage spaces
  4. Improve community entrances and primary travel corridors


Goal 4: Invest in Quality of Life & Foster a Greater Sense of Community

  1. Market events, recreational opportunities, and activities
  2. Increase community development initiatives
  3. Invest in and improve Bowman County’s recreational infrastructure
  4. Explore creating a Bowman County Arts Council


Goal 5: Prioritize Tourism as an Industry

  1. Strategically market Bowman County as a tourist destination
  2. Capture Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library traffic
  3. Maximize tourism funds to support efforts
  4. Develop key partnerships
  5. Create a unique draw for Bowman County



13 E Divide
PO Box 1143

Bowman, ND 58623


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8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. MT
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