If you plan to do a controlled burn, contact your Fire District:

Bowman Fire District – 440-9448
Marmarth Fire District – 440-6726
Reeder Fire District – 853-2881
Rhame Fire District – 206-0548
Scranton Fire District – 260-0885


Expansion of the Homestead Tax Credit for 2023


On April 27, 2023, Governor Doug Burgum signed HB 1158 into law.  This legislation broadens the eligibility requirements and maximum reduction amounts for those applying for the North Dakota Homestead Property Tax Credit program. This program is aimed at homeowners 65 years of age and older or those who are permanently and totally disabled.


Income changes to the Homestead Credit for Tax Year 2023:


If your income is: Taxable value is reduced by: Maximum reduction of taxable value: Maximum reduction of true & full value:
$0 – $40,000 100% $9,000 $200,000
$40,001 – $70,000 50% $4,500 $100,000


This does not reduce the liability of any person for special assessments levied upon any property.


With this new legislation, the asset limit of $500,000 has been removed.  Applications must be submitted yearly by February 1st for approval.  With this change, applications are still being accepted in the Bowman County Tax Director Office, please apply by June 1, 2023.


If you have already applied for the credit this year, the application will be adjusted to reflect the new percentages.  If because of the changes you would now qualify for the program and would like to apply, please contact the Bowman County Tax Director at (701) 523-3129.







NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN pursuant to North Dakota Century Code Section 57-09-02, 57-11-01, and 57-12-01 that all Bowman County townships and cities will meet for their annual equalization meetings at the dates, times, and places according to the following schedule:


TOWNSHIPS/CITY                                          DATE                    TIME                                    PLACE                          

Bowman City                                                       April 4                   3:30 PM                 Bowman City Hall                                                                                            

Gascoyne City                                                      April 18                 5:00 PM                 Scranton City Hall


Rhame City                                                          April 11                6:45 PM                 Rhame City Hall


Scranton City                                                       April 10                 6:30 PM                 Scranton City Hall


All Township Equalization Meetings will be in the Courthouse Commissioner’s Room


Adelaide Township                                             April 12                 10:00 AM

Amor Township                                                   April 12                 10:00 AM

Bowman Township                                             April 12                 10:00 AM

Boyesen Township                                              April 12                 10:00 AM

Buena Vista Township                                       April 12                 10:00 AM

Fischbein Township                                            April 12                 10:00 AM

Gascoyne Township                                            April 12                 10:00 AM

Gem Township                                                     April 12                 10:00 AM

Goldfield Township                                            April 12                 10:00 AM

Grain Belt Township                                           April 12                 10:00 AM

Grand River Township                                       April 12                 10:00 AM

Haley Township                                                   April 12                 10:00 AM


Ladd Township                                                    April 12                    2:00 PM

Langberg Township                                            April 12                    2:00 PM

Marion Township                                                April 12                   2:00 PM

Minnehaha Township                                         April 12                    2:00 PM

Nebo Township                                                    April 12                    2:00 PM

Rhame Township                                                April 12                   2:00 PM

Scranton Township                                             April 12                    2:00 PM

Star Township                                                      April 12                    2:00 PM

Stillwater Township                                            April 12                    2:00 PM

Sunny Slope Township                                       April 12                    2:00 PM

Talbot Township                                                  April 12                    2:00 PM

Whiting Township                                               April 12                    2:00 PM


Unorganized Townships                                     June 6                    1:15 PM                 Courthouse Commissioner’s Room

Bowman County                                                 June 6                    1:25 PM                 Courthouse Commissioner’s Room


EACH TAXPAYER has the right to appear before such board for a review of his/her assessments as determined by the office of the County Director of Equalization.


If you have questions, please contact the County Director of Tax Equalization at 701-523-3129.


Jodi Freier

Director of Tax Equalization



Click here for current openings.




PHONE: (701) 523-3130

Bowman County Auditor
104 1st St NW, Suite 1
Bowman ND 58623


Monday – Thursday:
7:30am – 12:00pm MT
12:30pm – 4:30pm MT

7:30am – 12:00pm MT
(Closed on Legal Holidays)