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City Commission Minutes

November 7, 2023
4:00 pm

Minutes of the Regular City Commission Meeting held on November 7, 2023 at City Hall at 4:00 PM.

Present:  President Lyn James, Vice-Chair Ryan Shear, Benjamin Schaaf, Sara Bullis, Myron Vail, Trevor Bergerson, Bill Mason, Todd Hofland, Cal Klewin, Aaron Allen, Brad Mosher, Kady Walker, Brianna Fleck, Seth Mastel, and Peggy Allen.  Absent:  Chief Headley

President James called the meeting order at 4:00 pm.  Seth Mastel requested to be added to the agenda regarding the Truck Parking Ordinance.  Motion by Schaaf, second by Shear to approve the revised agenda. RCV= all aye, MC.  RCV= all aye, MC.

                Direct Deposit: $30,898.77; Check #94131 – 94169; Voided Checks: None, Bills: Gooseneck Implement $19,092.14, MDU $8,593.38, Postmaster $132.00, VISA $597.58, Postmaster $467.67, A2Z Printing $495.34, Badlands Patriot $564.88, Bill Mason $484.27, Boss Office Products $2,184.17, Bowman Auto Parts $234.13, BCDC $3,342.69, Bowman Grain $14.55, Bowman Park and Rec $3,837.05, Bowman Sales and Service $399.13, Brosz Engineering $2,340.00, Consolidated Telecom $1,270.58, Coyle Electric $965.00, Dakota Dust-Tex $113.80, Double EE Service $93.46, EIDO Connect $64.00, Gina Harder $221.00, Hawkins $120.00, KPOK $90.00, Loretta Olind $725.00, Lyn James $102.18, Mahlon Smith Repair $480.00, Mendoza Plumbing $1,210.00, ND Dept. of Transportation $4,009.31, ND IT $115.40, Newby’s Ace Hardware $73.72, NW Tire $153.80, One Call $59.25, Pro-Forms $1,496.53, Professional Auto Body $291.60, Ray’s Repair $1,216.88, RDO Equipment $2,824.61, Western Frontier $76.00, Woodley Construction $156.02, and Cenex Fleetcard $8,626.30.   

                Tax and Tourism Check: #94141

                Tax and Tourism Bills:  Bowman County Development Corporation $3,342.69


                CWSRF Application:  Hewson turned in an application for a slip lining project.

Chip Seal Projects:  Discussion was held again regarding sitting down with the committee to come up with which projects have priority.

Water Tank:  We need to work on the right of way and acquisition of the water tank land.

TAP Grant Phase I Pay Application #6:  Hewson presented the 6th pay application for the TAP Grant Phase I project in the amount of $4,009.31.  Motion by Schaaf, second by Shear to approve the TAP Grant Phase I Pay Application #6 in the amount of $4,009.31.  RCV= all aye, MC.

3rd Avenue Drainage:  James said they had to reschedule the meeting because two of the three property owners had conflicts with the meeting date.


Dept. Head Report:  Nothing to report.


                Dept Head Report:  Nothing to report.


Activity Report for 10/16/23 – 11/5/23:  Incidents – 8 (traffic stop-3, theft-3, leaving the scene of an accident, and DUI alcohol or drugs) Calls for Service – 17 (Parking problem-17, information report-4, cat or dog running at large-4, civil standby-2, house watch, extra patrol, direct traffic, juvenile problem, officer safety, truancy/absenteeism from school, stray animal, intoxicated person, animal noise, found property, suicidal person, criminal trespass, narcotics intelligence, escort, citizen assist, and wanted person) Traffic Stops – 61 (Citation-24, verbal warning-20, written warning-13, and arrest-4) Arrests – 4 (traffic violations-3 and DUI-1)


Truck Parking Ordinance:  Mastel was told by Officer Snow that he couldn’t stop and park his farm semi and trailer on the street or yard while he was getting lunch.  Mastel thought 3rd Avenue SE was the exception for allowing the trucks going through because of the businesses.  James said when Highway 12 was reconstructed 3rd Ave SE was built to hold heavier trucks because of the business off 3rd Ave SE.  The Commission told Mastel and Sargeant Bergerson it was okay to stop and get lunch while they figured out if they can change the Ordinance.  Mastel also wondered if it is    an issue to leave it parked on his lot until he gets off call for MDU so he can take it to Marmarth, he doesn’t want to leave it at the truck stop. They said they would allow it while they are trying to figure out if they will change the Ordinance.  Mastel also asked why campers are allowed on the streets, but not semi’s and the difference is the weight, campers are much lighter than the semi’s.

Bergerson and Shear will talk to the City Attorney Wild to figure out what we can do with the Truck Parking Ordinance for the 3rd Street SE and 11th Avenue which were built up allow for heavier trucks to drive on and change the verbiage to allow them to temporarily stop to eat lunch.


Dept. Head Report:  The 2014 Freightliner garbage truck would only go 5 mph when they were in Scranton last week and had to be towed to Dickinson for repairs.  The crew will probably have to work the Veteran’s Day holiday because they are down a truck.


                Letter to Vacant Main Street Business Regarding Snow Removal:  Allen presented the letter the Commission asked her to draft for snow removal in the downtown business district.  After reading it, it was decided to reword the Ordinance and separate the downtown business district from the residential snow removal requirements.

2024 Random Drug and Alcohol Contract:  Allen presented the annual contract for the random drug and alcohol testing pool.  Motion by Bullis, second by Vail to approve the random drug and alcohol testing pool contract with NDLC for 2024.  RCV= all aye, MC.

Checking Interest Bids:  Allen inquired if they would like to request anything special in the banking account interest bids this year.  They decided to add a year option.

December Commission Meetings:  Due to construction at City Hall the City Commission Meetings in December will be held at Main Space.

Flooring for City Hall:  Allen inquired what kind of samples of flooring they would like to see for the replacement of flooring in City Hall after the floor gets torn up.  If we can’t find a local guy to replace the floor, Vail knows one from Hettinger, and they want to see tan/brown stone type samples, no wood looking styles.

Long Range Capital Plan:  It was decided to get a committee together including Mason, Hofland, Brosz Engineering, James, Vail, and P. Allen to work on this plan.  Allen will contact A2ES to see what format they are looking for.


1st Reading of Chapter 11 Animals and Fowl Ordinance:  James gave the first reading of Chapter 11 Animals and Fowl, striking verbiage in Article 1, section 11.0102 Dangerous or Vicious Animals and 11.0103 Permit-When Issued was stricken in its entirety, moving the penalty clause to 11.0308 in Article 3, and adding Article 3 Pet Rescue.


Next Meeting:  11/21/23 at 4:00 pm.

Motion by Shear, second by Schaaf to approve the bills, 10/17/23 Meeting Minutes and the 2023 October Financials.  RCV= all aye, MC.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:15 pm.



Tuesday, November 21, 2023, at 4:00 pm

Bowman City Hall, 101 1st St. NE


*Agenda Policy*:  The City follows a strict agenda policy in order to insure transparency to the citizens of Bowman.  NO topics will be discussed that are not on the agenda unless said topic constitutes an emergency action.  This agenda has a rolling schedule so scheduled appointments may take place sooner than the scheduled time unless it is a public hearing.


 4:00  –  4:05 PM               Call Meeting to Order, Approval of Agenda and Pledge of Allegiance

Commissioners Review of Bills

4:05 – 4:30PM                  Dept. Head Reports/Engineering (McGee, A. Allen, Hofland, Mason, Headley, and Brosz Engineering)      Headley-Back the Blue Grant, McGee-Family Day and Salary Adjustment

 4:30 – 4:45 PM               ABLE – Mary Anderson – Update on Landing Project

 4:45 – 5:00 PM               Way Finding Signage – BCDC

  5:00 – 5:05 PM               Annexation – Ordinance #2023-1 ANX An Ordinance for Annexation of + .69 Acres for Farm Credit Services of Mandan, ACAand Request to hook onto Bowman City Water and Sewer

  5:05 PM                             2nd Reading of Chapter 11 Ordinance Animals and Fowl, Section 11.0102 and

11.0103, Dangerous or Vicious Animal Permits being deleted, and the addition of Article 3 Pet Rescues and moving the Penalty Clause from 11.0214 to 11.0308.             


Park and Rec Sales Tax Request                                                 Driver’s License During Construction

Pomp’s Tire Credit Application

Create Fund 2008 Grant Reimbursement (Back the Blue Funds)

Meowser’s Using a Different Vet

Update on Flood Plain Administrator Meeting with ND DWR

FSA Ballot

Open Forum

Close of Meeting

  • Approval of Bills and 11/7/23 Meeting Minutes.
  • Next Meeting Date: 1/17/23
  • Adjournment of Meeting

2023 Bowman City Commission Meeting Dates


Meetings start at 4:00 PM at City Hall, unless otherwise stated!


January 3                                                      July 5* (CANCELLED)

January 17*                                                 July 18

July 24, 26, and 27***


February 7                                                   August 1

February 21*                                              August 15


March 7                                                        September 5*

March 23**                                                  September 19


April 4                                                            October 3

April 4 – Equalization Mtg. 3:30 pm      October 17

April 18


May 2                                                            November 7

May 16                                                          November 21


June 6                                                            December 5

June 20                                                         December 27**


* Meeting falls the day after a holiday; therefore, the agenda requests must be in the City Auditors Office by the Friday before the meeting at 11:00 am.

** Normal Meeting:   Date was rescheduled to this date.

*** 2024 Budget Prep Meetings:  July 24th will start at 10:00 am and the 26th meeting will start at 8:00 am and lunch will be from 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm and will recess when done completing a “section” of the budget and reconvene the next day at 8:00 am.   July 27th will be an extra day if needed.


Lyn James

President of the City Commission


Lyn James is the owner of Flowers and Cappuccino by Lasting Visions in Bowman, ND, and has been in business for 33 years. She is passionate about her community and is currently serving her fifth term as President of the Bowman City Commission, after serving two terms as a City Commissioner. Lyn also serves on the Bowman County Economic Development Corporation Board of Directors, is the Chair of the Bowman Tax and Tourism Committee and is a member of the Bowman Area Chamber of Commerce and Bowman Rotary Club. She represents North Dakota cities as a member of the ND Peace Officers Standards and Training Board, as the Chair of the ND Economic Development Foundation Board of Directors, the Western Dakota Energy Association Executive Board, and the ND Workforce Development Council. Lyn is the past President of the ND League of Cities Executive Board and served as a member of the Bowman Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, along with various other local and regional boards, committees, and advisory positions.


City Commissioner                                                President of City Commission


Term 1           1996-2000                                         Term 1           2004-2008


Term 2           2000-2004                                         Term 2           2008-2012


Term 3           2012-2016


Term 4           2016-2020


Term 5           2020-2024

Ryan Shear

Street & Garbage Commissioner


Ryan Shear was born and raised in Bowman.  He is currently seated as the Vice President of the City Commission.   He moved to Redmond, OR in 2006 and graduated from Redmond High School Global Academy in 2008.   He then moved back to Bowman, and while working; did online courses with Rasmussen College for Criminal Justice. Currently, he is the manager at Professional Auto Body LLC.  Ryan as two children: Isaiah and Isabella. Ryan is very community minded and cares deeply about the present and future of Bowman.


During Ryan’s off time, he volunteers for Bowman Ambulance as an EMR. He has been a part of the squad since 2009. He is a representative for the City Commission on the City Planning & Zoning Board, County Zoning Board, & The Bowman Renaissance Zone Authority. Ryan also likes to spend his free time traveling and spending quality time with his family.


City Commissioner

Term 1           2016 – 2020

Term 2           2020 – 2024

Mryon “Tiger” Vail

Water/Sewer Commissioner


Myron was raised in Bowman and graduated from Bowman High School in 1977.  He furthered his education at NDSSS Electrical and became an electrician and owned and operated Tiger Electric in Bowman for 20 years and has since retired.


He is married to Lori Vail and together they have 3 children (Leah, Forrest and Brent).


Myron currently serves on the Bowman County Zoning Board and the City of Bowman Tree Board.  His hobbies including flipping houses and being a Grandpa.


Myron’s motto is “Fixing up Bowman, one house at a time


City Commissioner

Term 1           1992 – 1996

Term 2           2016 – 2020

Term 3           2020 – 2024

Benjamin (Benji) Schaaf

Police Commissioner


Benji is a native of Bowman, graduating Bowman High School.  He is married to Lindsey and together have two children, Emma and Evan.  Benji currently works as the parts manager for Bowman Sales and Service and is a member of the Bowman Assembly of God Church, serving as an Awana leader.  He is a volunteer with the Bowman Ambulance Squad and is serving on the Bowman Regional Public Library board.  His hobbies include riding motorcycle, watching supercross and motocross, and spending time with his family.


City Commissioner


Term 1           2018-2022




PHONE: (701) 523-3309

101 1st St NE
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