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City Commission Minutes

December 28, 2021
4:00 pm

Minutes of the Regular City Commission Meeting held on December 28, 2021 at City Hall at 4:00 PM.

Present:  President Lyn James, Benjamin Schaaf, Ryan Shear, Myron Vail, Chief Headley, Bill Mason, Todd Hofland, Stacy McGee, Ruth Ann Lorge, Bill Fiegel, and Peggy Allen. Officer Masters (arrived at 4:30 pm).  Absent:  Darren Limesand

President James called the meeting order at 4:05 pm.  James requested to add EDA Federal Grant to the agenda.  Motion by Shear, second by Schaaf to approve the agenda as revised.  RCV= all aye, MC.              

Direct Deposit: $32,616.20; Check #: 12921 – 12958;  Voided Checks: 12948  Bills:  Bowman Cemetery $198.71, Bowman Park and Rec $4,160.72, Carmel’s Cleaners $130.68, Dacotah Paper $127.89, Dakota Western Insurance $8,425.00, Fallon County Treasurer $4,637.50, John Deere Financial $609.72, Joshua Ridl $286.16, Kohler Communication $31.50, Pete Knopp $14.00, S & T Custom Plumbing $28.83, Saber Torch $239.08, Slope Electric $1,359.00, Southwest Healthcare Services $186.00, Summit Fire Protection $480.00, Tim Olson Construction, Inc. $586.00, Verizon Wireless $357.12, Wild and Weiss Law Office $200.00, Advanced Business Methods $146.25, Bill Mason $438.90, Boss Office Products $398.88, Bowman Auto Parts $104.16, Bowman Sales and Service $1,104.00, BR’s Construction and Flooring $5,996.10, Brosz Engineering $7,382.50, Curtis Blue Line $427.62, Dacotah Paper $50.94, RDO Equipment $925.92, S & T Plumbing $1,013.59, Sound Engagement $1,000.00, Southwest Business Machine $25.32, Tiger Electric $546.27, Visa $3,382.40, Western Frontier Insurance $26,706.00, and Woodley Construction $4,321.25.

Tax and Tourism Checks:  #12922 – 12923

Tax and Tourism Bills:  Bowman Chamber of Commerce $2,598.88 and Bowman County Development Corporation $21,802.06


                Resolution #2021-M-14 Resolution for SUR Fund Rate Change:  As discussed during 2022 preliminary budget meetings, McGee presented a resolution to change the SUR Fund rate.  Effective January 1 2022, the SUR Fund monthly rate on the utility bill will be $5.00 a month.  Motion by Schaaf, second by Shear to approve Resolution #2021-M-14, a Resolution for the Surcharge Rate.  RCV= all aye, MC.

EDA Grant:  James stated there is a federal grant the City can apply for to put infrastructure to the proposed Gooseneck Implement property and the deadline is January 26, 2022.  The Commission is okay with checking into and applying for the grant.

                Park and Rec Utility Information:  This was tabled for another meeting.

Employee Personnel Manual:  This was tabled for another meeting.


Dept. Head Report:  The crew removed 76 loads of snow off streets from the last snow fall.


                Dept Head Report:  Nothing to report


Dept. Head Report: Department activity from 12/7/21 to 12/28/21. There were 7 incident reports, 34 calls for service, 44 traffic stops of which 16 citations were issued, 8 written warnings were issued, and 20 verbal warnings, and 3 arrests were made (suspended driver and 2 domestic assaults)

BCDC-No Representative Present:

Annual Agreement Between City of Bowman and BCDC:  James read the annual agreement between the City of Bowman and BCDC office.  Motion by Schaaf, second by Shear to approve signing the 2022 Agreement between the BCDC office and the City of Bowman.  RCV= all aye, MC.

Resolution #2021-F-19 Resolution for Funding FY 2022:  James read the annual Resolution for Funding the Pace, Flex Pace, Micro loans, Interest Buy Downs, Downtown Façade Grant and Workforce Program.  Motion by Schaaf, second by Shear to approve Resolution #2021-F-19 Resolution for Funding FY 2022 for the Pace, Flex Pace, Micro Loans, Interest Buy Downs, Downtown Façade and Workforce Program for the Bowman County Development Corporation.  RCV= all aye, MC.


Silver Dollar:  Fiegel was advised to get his staff trained with alcohol server training.  Currently none of his employees have training.  James gave him a handout on alcohol server training dates and NDCC info on alcohol server training and liability.  He said he will have his staff there for training scheduled in March.

Crystal Bar:  Due to the number of instances that the Crystal Bar has had patrons in the bar after 1:00 am, the Commission decided to write a letter to Lorge stating that if there is one more offense there will be a 30 day suspension of her liquor license.  Schaaf will hand deliver the letter.  There was discussion between Lorge and Officer Masters regarding the last incident.

The following liquor license applications were presented for renewal:

Kum and Go, LLC- License #LL-01-Off Sale Beer and Wine-$500-Class VI License

Bowman Energy, LLC DBA Frontier Travel Center-License #LL-02-Off Sale-Beer and Wine $500-Class VI License

Newd Legacies, LLC DBA Windy’s Bar-License #LL-18 On & Off Sale $950- Class I License

Silver Dollar Bar and Grill-License #LL-21-On& Off Sale-$950- Class I License

Bowman Lodge, LLC-License# LL-11-On Sale Liquor and Beer-$500-Class VIII-A Motel/Hotel

Bowman Liquor’s Properties, LLC -License #LL-15-Off Sale Liquor and Beer-$800-Class III License

Bowman Market, Inc.-License #LL-16-Off Sale Liquor and Beer-$800-Class III

South Main Lanes, LLC-License #LL-23-On & Off Sale-$950- Class I License

Crystal Bar-License #LL-17-On & Off Sale Liquor and Beer-$950-Class I License

Carlson’s Steakhouse License- #LL-22-On and Off Sale-Liquor and Beer-$950-Class I License

Big Cat’s NDP Too, LLC -License # LL-20-On Sale Beer and Wine- $300-Class VII – B License

Motion by Schaaf, second by Shear to approve all the liquor license applications for 2022 with the stipulation for the Crystal Bar that if they have one more offense, they will have a 30-day license suspension and Silver Dollar is required to get alcohol server training by the March 3, 2022 class.  RCV=all aye, MC.


“No Air Brake” Signs:  At a previous meeting Officer Bergerson asked if we could get larger ‘No Air Brakes” signs.  Allen corresponded with Rob Rayhorn at NDDOT and there is only one size sign for the “No Air Brakes.” NDDOT is the only ones that can replace those signs, the City cannot.

Speed Limit Study:  A developer requested to have the speed limit changed for an area they are considering building in off Highway 85 and NDDOT said they can’t do the speed limit study until the area is developed.

Transfers:  Allen presented the 2021-year end fund transfer requests as follows:

2021 Annual Transfers
Fund To Fund Mtg To Fund/Account Desc. Amount
1000 3005 12/28/2021 Street Truck $25,000.00
1000 3008 12/28/2021 Sweeper Replacement $10,000.00  $10,000.00
1000 3009 12/28/2021 Loader Replacement $5,000.00
1000 3069 12/28/2021 Chip Seal $340,000.00
1000 3090 12/28/2021 City Maintenance $50,000.00
1000 3045 12/28/2021 Auditor Replacement $2,000.00
1000 3051 12/28/2021 City Improvement Fund $24,000.00
1000 2400 12/28/2021 Safe Routes to School $94,000.00
3072 1000 12/28/2021 General Fund $9,842.50
1000 3051 12/28/2021 City Improvement Fund $49,800.00
6010 6060 12/28/2021 Water Building $9,500.00
6010 6060 12/28/2021 Water Building $35,500.00
6010 6112 12/28/2021 Pump Replacement $15,000.00
6020 6220 12/28/2021 Sewer Building $8,800.00
6020 6220 12/28/2021 Sewer Building $15,000.00
6080 6040 12/28/2021 SUR Fund $6,500.00
1000 3035 12/28/2021 Police Capitol $10,000.00

Motion by Shear, second by Vail to approve the 2021-year end transfers.  RCV= all aye, MC.

Budget Amendments:  Allen Presented the following 2021 budget amendments: 

Fund Account Object Fund/Account Description Amount
1000 414200 115 General-Unemployment $2,120.11
1000 415000 212 General Supply Refund $6,678.98
1000 415000 321 General – Business Ins. $3,477.30
1000 415000 410 General- Supplies $1,667.64
1000 415750 574 General-Police Bldg updates $24,008.60
1000 419200 325 General – Strategic Plan $ 5,000.00
1000 421500 123 PD – Office Operation $1,237.70
1000 421500 125 PD – Uniforms $1,843.73
1000 421500 128 PD – Fuel $2,082.52
1000 421500 129 PD – Vehicle Maintenance $1,708.73
1000 421500 215 General-PD Equip Purchase $9,491.04
1000 421500 853 Office Equip Maintenance $1,238.16
1000 451000 321 General P & R Insurance $ 2,181.00
1000 451000 964 General – P & R State Aid $16,688.47
1000 451300 206 General – City Hall Updates $2,636.40
1000 451300 574 General – City Hall Updates $9,540.16
1000 461617 241 General – Transfers $ 729,650.00
2200 419200 893 Downtown Façade $23,919.50
2250 453560 439 Road and Bridge $3,324.15
2260 415362 362 City Occupancy $3,609.55
2270 415363 363 Rest and Lodging $25,723.42
2540 415000 410 City Conferences $9,218.85
2540 415000 451 City Conferences $20.00
2540 415000 700 City Conferences $18,130.70
3035 421500 124 Police Capitol $7,728.95
3051 452300 896 City Improvement Fund $8,000.00
3072 452300 574 17 4th Ave NW Project $130,157.50
3072 461617 241 Transfer $9,842.50
6020 461617 241 Transfer $15,000.00
6040 418000 313 SUR Fund $5,000.00
6060 415420 313 Water Building Fund $19,060.00
6080 436000 145 Garbage – Fuel $1,792.68
6080 436000 854 Garbage – Dumpsters $14,292.24
6110 434000 540 Water Equipment $1,223.99
6130 461617 241 Water Tower Maintenance $2,395.24
7090 415000 989 Cemetery Fund $44.89

Motion by Shear, second by Vail to approve the 2021-year end budget amendments as presented.  RCV= all aye, MC.


Hwy 12 and Hwy 85 Intersection:  NDDOT said the work to be done for the safety issue at this intersection is adding a left side stop sign and stop ahead sign, changing the stop signs to LED and adding stop rumble strips.  The commission is okay with the NDDOT plan.


Next Meeting:  1/4/21 at 4:00 pm.

Motion by Shear, second by Vail to approve the bills, November 2021 Financials and the 12/7/21 meeting minutes.  RCV= all aye, MC.

President James adjourned the meeting at 5:40 pm.



Tuesday, January 18, 2022 at 4:00 pm

Bowman City Hall, 101 1st St. NE


*Agenda Policy*:  The City follows a strict agenda policy in order to insure transparency to the citizens of Bowman.  NO topics will be discussed that are not on the agenda unless said topic constitutes an emergency action.  This agenda has a rolling schedule so scheduled appointments may take place sooner than the scheduled time unless it is a public hearing.


 4:00  –  4:05 PM               Call Meeting to Order, Approval of Agenda and Pledge of Allegiance

Commissioners Review of Bills

4:05 – 4:30PM                  Dept. Head Reports/Engineering (McGee, Hofland, Mason, Headley, and Brosz)




Burn Ban

Beylund Property Re-plat



Zoning Code Enforcer Job Description

Gooseneck Proposed Property


Open Forum



Close of Meeting

  • Approval of Bills, December 2021 Financials and 12/28/21 Meeting Minutes.
  • Next Meeting Date:  2/1/22
  • Adjournment of Meeting

City Commission Meeting

The Bowman City Commissioners meet on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month at 4:00 PM at City Hall. To be placed on the City Agenda, please contact the City Financial Auditor, Peggy Allen at (701) 523-3309.

2022 Bowman City Commission Meeting Dates


Meetings start at 4:00 PM at City Hall, unless otherwise stated!


January 4                                                      July 5*

January 18*                                                 July 19

July 25, 27, and 28***


February 1                                                   August 2

February 15                                                 August 16


March 1                                                        September 6*

March 15                                                      September 20


April 5                                                            October 4

April 5 – Equalization Mtg. 3:30 pm        October 18

April 19


May 3                                                            November 1

May 17                                                          November 15


June 7                                                            December 6

June 21                                                         December 27**


* Meeting falls the day after a holiday; therefore, the agenda requests must be in the City Auditors Office by the Friday before the meeting at 11:00 am.

** Normal Meeting:   Date was rescheduled to this date.

*** 2023 Budget Prep Meetings:  July 25th will start at 10:00 am and the 27th meeting will start at 8:00 am and lunch will be from 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm and will recess when done completing a “section” of the budget and reconvene the next day at 8:00 am.   July 28th will be an extra day if needed.




Lyn James

President of the City Commission


Lyn James is the owner of Flowers and Cappuccino by Lasting Visions in Bowman, ND, and has been in business for 33 years. She is passionate about her community and is currently serving her fifth term as President of the Bowman City Commission, after serving two terms as a City Commissioner. Lyn also serves on the Bowman County Economic Development Corporation Board of Directors, is the Chair of the Bowman Tax and Tourism Committee and is a member of the Bowman Area Chamber of Commerce and Bowman Rotary Club. She represents North Dakota cities as a member of the ND Peace Officers Standards and Training Board, as the Chair of the ND Economic Development Foundation Board of Directors, the Western Dakota Energy Association Executive Board, and the ND Workforce Development Council. Lyn is the past President of the ND League of Cities Executive Board and served as a member of the Bowman Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, along with various other local and regional boards, committees, and advisory positions.


City Commissioner                                                President of City Commission


Term 1           1996-2000                                         Term 1           2004-2008


Term 2           2000-2004                                         Term 2           2008-2012


Term 3           2012-2016


Term 4           2016-2020


Term 5           2020-2024

Darren Limesand

Vice-Chair of City Commission and Finance Commissioner


Darren Limesand is an independent financial advisor. He is an Accredited Investment Fiduciary® with advanced training and competency in the subject of fiduciary responsibility and the ability to implement a prudent process. He is aligned with Cambridge Investment Research, Inc., one of the most respected independent broker-dealers in the industry and shares their core values of integrity, commitment, flexibility, and kindness. Darren is a former accountant and a banker for 25 years. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Montana State University and FINRA Series 7 and 66 securities licenses. Darren is a member of the Financial Planning Association and the National Association of Plan Advisors, as well as his local Chamber of Commerce, Lions Club, and the Bowman Volunteer Fire Department. Darren is also on the tree board for the City of Bowman and is the Finance Commissioner. In his free time, he enjoys golfing, hunting, and fishing.


City Commissioner

Term 1           2014-2018
Term 2           2018-2022

Ryan Shear

Street & Garbage Commissioner


Ryan Shear was born and raised in Bowman. He moved to Redmond, OR in 2006 and graduated from Redmond High School Global Academy in 2008.   He then moved back to Bowman, and while working; did online courses with Rasmussen College for Criminal Justice. Currently, he is the manager at Professional Auto Body LLC.  Ryan as two children: Isaiah and Isabella. Ryan is very community minded and cares deeply about the present and future of Bowman.


During Ryan’s off time, he volunteers for Bowman Ambulance as an EMR. He has been a part of the squad since 2009. He is a representative for the City Commission on the City Planning & Zoning Board, County Zoning Board, & The Bowman Renaissance Zone Authority. Ryan also likes to spend his free time traveling and spending quality time with his family.


City Commissioner

Term 1           2016 – 2020

Term 2           2020 – 2024

Mryon “Tiger” Vail

Water/Sewer Commissioner


Myron was raised in Bowman and graduated from Bowman High School in 1977.  He furthered his education at NDSSS Electrical and became an electrician and owned and operated Tiger Electric in Bowman for 20 years and has since retired.


He is married to Lori Vail and together they have 3 children (Leah, Forrest and Brent).


Myron currently serves on the Bowman County Zoning Board and the City of Bowman Tree Board.  His hobbies including flipping houses and being a Grandpa.


Myron’s motto is “Fixing up Bowman, one house at a time


City Commissioner

Term 1           1992 – 1996

Term 2           2016 – 2020

Term 3           2020 – 2024

Benjamin (Benji) Schaaf

Police Commissioner


Benji is a native of Bowman, graduating Bowman High School.  He is married to Lindsey and together have two children, Emma and Evan.  Benji currently works as the parts manager for Bowman Sales and Service and is a member of the Bowman Assembly of God Church, serving as an Awana leader.  He is a volunteer with the Bowman Ambulance Squad and is serving on the Bowman Regional Public Library board.  His hobbies include riding motorcycle, watching supercross and motocross, and spending time with his family.


City Commissioner


Term 1           2018-2022




PHONE: (701) 523-3309

101 1st St NE
Bowman, ND 58623


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