Strategic Growth Plan

Bowman County Strategic Growth Plan


Our Goals and Strategic Objectives


Goal 1: Retain and Strengthen Bowman County Businesses

Strategic Objectives:

1-A: Encourage Local Business Expansion

1-B: Strategically Address Childcare Shortages

1-C: Address Housing Needs

1-D: Develop a Workforce Council and Create Strategic Initiatives

1-E: Engage Businesses and Employees in Workshops and Trainings

1-F: Continue Workforce Development as a Part of K-12 Education

Goal 2: Attract New Businesses

Strategic Objectives:

2-A: Identify Target Industries

2-B: Be Business Ready

2-C: Build Networks and Involve Key Players

2-D: Aggressively Market Bowman County’s Strengths and Assets

2-E: Undertake a Systematic Business Recruitment Effort

Goal 3: Enhance Vibrant and Inviting Communities

Strategic Objectives:

3-A: Increase Vibrancy on Main Streets

3-B: Create Easy to Navigate Communities

3-C: Identify and Invest in Signature Spaces

3-D: Improve Community Entrances and Primary Travel Corridors

Goal 4: Invest in Quality of Life and Foster a Greater Sense of Community

Strategic Objectives:

4-A: Market Events, Recreational Opportunities, and Activities

4-B: Increase Community Development Initiatives

4-C: Invest in and Improve Bowman County’s Recreational Infrastructure

4-D: Explore Creating a Bowman County Arts Council

Goal 5: Prioritize Tourism as an Industry

Strategic Objectives:

5-A: Strategically Market Bowman County as a Tourist Destination

5-B: Capture Theodore Roosevelt Library Traffic

5-C: Maximize Tourism Funds to Support Efforts

5-D: Develop Key Partnerships

5-E: Create a Unique Draw for Bowman County

Making this Plan a Reality

Strategic Action Committee


This plan is intended to serve as a roadmap in guiding the decisions of leaders to ensure everyone is working towards a common purpose to grow Bowman County. Collaboration and engagement among stakeholder groups is the best way to guarantee meeting the plan’s goals and strategic objectives.


The purpose of the Action Committee is to ensure all stakeholder groups are collaborating with one another to ensure this plan is implemented.


Representation: Bowman County Commission, Bowman City Commission, Rhame City Council, Scranton City Council, Bowman County Development Corporation, Bowman Area Chamber of Commerce, Bowman County School District, Scranton Public School District, Bowman Parks and Recreation, Community and Civic Organizations, Residents


2024 Bowman County Strategic Growth Plan Responsibility Matrix

2022 Bowman County Strategic Growth Plan Responsibility Matrix



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