New Projects and Programs

What’s New at Bowman Parks and Recreation?

Bowman Baseball/Softball Ball Park Update Project 2023-2024:

In 2022 Bowman Parks and Recreation director wrote and received a grant for a project totaling $560,000.  This project construction started in 2023 with the installation of a new playground at the ball park complex in the spring of 2023.  The playground addresses the ages of 2-12.  The project also included regrading the infields on the East and West fields and to bring in agrilime.  This phase of the project was completed in May of 2023.  The James Field lighting transformers have been sited as a safety issue and part of the grant is to take down the transformers, bury the lines underground, and to relocate a new electrical control panel for these lights, which construction began in the fall of 2023.  Adding lighting to the East and West fields for night time play  was also a big part of the grant with the poles acquired and set in the fall of 2023 with the light installation occurring in the spring of 2024.  The final phase of the project will occur in 2024 with fencing replacement and fence toppers applied to the fencing.


The Edge – Bowman County Activity Complex Opened January 2023:

The Edge – Bowman County Activity Complex opened to the public January 17, 2023 with the Trampoline Park opening February 7, 2023.

It contains:

  • Martin & Ellen Rolfsnes Racquetball court
  • Walking track
  • Multipurpose court
  • Dance/exercise studio
  • Dakota Community Bank & Trust Cardio/weight room
  • Dakota Western Bank Party/meeting room
  • Kitchen/concessions
  • Consolidated Telcom E-Sports lounge
  • Prairie Dental Seating area
  • Adventure Park containing:
    • Scranton Equity/Frontier Travel Trampoline dodgeball court
    • Scranton Equity/Frontier Travel Basketball dunk hoop
    • Parkour trampolines
    • Consolidated Telcom 6-segment ninja course
    • motorized obstacle tramp area
    • Propoint two-wall climbing wall with air bag
    • Newby’s Ace Hardware two-story indoor playground

This project was a joint effort between the Bowman Parks and Recreation Board of Directors, Bowman Parks and Recreation Staff, City 1 % Sales Tax, Bowman County Commission, City of Bowman, and local project sponsorships who dedicated much time and effort into completing this amazing renovation of the old shopko building.


Bowman Parks and Recreation Purchases Shopko/Alco Building and Land 2021:

Bowman Parks and Recreation had been planning to add onto the Rouzie Recreation Center with a 6000 sq ft addition to begin the fall of 2021.  While working on the Rouzie project, the board was informed of a price reduction in the Shopko/Alco building located at 320 Highway 12 East.  Upon touring the building and discussing possibilities and price comparisons, the board decided to shelf the Rouzie Rec North Addition project at this time and purchase the Shopko/Alco building using the existing 1% sales tax.  The purchase occurred on November 2, 2021.  This 25,375 sq ft facility also sits on 5 acres and has room for expansion, adequate parking, and a lot of indoor potential.  The board plans to add a trampoline park to include a climbing wall, dodgeball, tramps, ninja course, and indoor playground.  They will also add a multipurpose court for basketball, volleyball, pickleball, badminton, and open area sports, a cardio/weight room, two multipurpose exercise rooms that can be opened up for large groups for dance, exercise, martial arts, tumbling, pickleball, etc., a kitchen/concessions area, and another meeting/party room as well as a walking track, racquetball court, additional seating area, and a reception station.   The plan is to open the facility by mid-2022.  The budget for the entire project (purchase and renovation) is currently at $1.5 million and the existing 1% sales tax will be used to pay off the bond incurred by the end of 2029.


Introducing Wellness Warriors 2021:

We are very excited to contract with Krinke of Wellness Warriors to offer these services to our current and future members.  If you are interested in changing your life via exercise and/or nutrition, please contact Arianna for a consultation or join one of her awesome classes.  She offers Growth & Transformation through a Holistic Approach.

Arianna Krinke is a personal coach emphasizing in fitness and nutrition.  She received her National Academy of Sports Medicine Personal Trainer Certification and has worked in the health industry for the past 6 years.

Services offered:

  • Online Personal Training
  • Nutrition Coaching
  • Small Group Training
  • 1-on-1 Personal Training
  • 30-minute Tabata Class
  • 30-minute Low Impact Class
  • 30-minute Silver Stability+
  • Protea Nutrition Affiliate

Contact Arianna at 701-425-7569 or

(Must have a membership with Bowman Parks and Recreation Centers to workout with Wellness Warrior)


Bowman Shooting Range Club Formation 2021:

Bowman Parks and Recreation saw a need for a shooting range and also saw a grant opportunity with the Community Challenge Grant.  The Board applied for the grant and received it with the stipulation of securing land.  The land has been secured and the Board is working on the other objectives.  Forming a non-profit club is one of the objectives of the project.  The first meeting was held March 10, 2021 at 4:30 pm at the Rouzie Rec Center.


Rouzie Rec Center Expansion Design 2021:

JLG Architects were hired to work with the Park and Recreation Board on a design concept and cost opinion to add on to the north side of the Rouzie Rec Center.  Included in the plans will be multipurpose spaces to accommodate a variety of activities.  In 2015 the Bowman Community was asked to complete a needs assessment to determine programming and facility needs.  This expansion will include additional spaces cited in the needs survey for fitness, tumbling, dance, arts and crafts, day camps, community education classes, social events, birthday parties, meeting spaces, etc.  There will also be a kitchen/concession room, reception desk, foyer, a couple offices, restrooms, and storage.  This project did not proceed.


Skate Park Upgrades 2020:

The skate board park located to the south of the Rouzie Rec Center is undergoing some upgrades.  The boards on the sides of the ramps are being replaced with 3/4″ treated plywood and will be painted.  The metal will also be sandblasted and repainted.  The 1% sales tax dollars are being used to make these upgrades.


Rouzie Rec Gym Floor Project 2020:

The gym floor will be replaced in July of 2020 using 1% sales tax dollars.  The north side of the building was graded so water will flow away from the building and a water barrier will be placed underneath the floor.  It will be a poured floor, and will be lined for basketball, volleyball, and pickleball.


Maintenance Shop Project 2020:

The maintenance shop is located near the ball fields on 5th Street NW.  The shop was finished in the back with concrete, insulation, and a restroom and water were added to the property. One percent sales tax dollars were used for this project.


Campground Full hook-up and Septic Replacement Project 2020:

Eight sites were upgraded with water and sewer and the original septic tank was replaced at the Butte View Campground in the spring of 2020.  Campground receipts through the General Fund were used for this project.


Pickleball 2020:

We now have pickleball nets and racquets at the Rec Center.  Come and try the fasted growing sport in America.


Locker Room Project – Winter 2019/2020:

The original water heater was replaced with on demand water heat for the locker rooms and rest rooms.  The old showers have been removed and replaced with 2 showers in each locker room.  Each shower has privacy panels, the locker room floors were replaced with tile, and the lifeguard room and hallway to the pool were also tiled and carpeted.  This project was completed with 1% sales tax dollars.


Baseball/Softball Master Plan – Spring 2019:

The Park and Recreation Board hired JLG Architect to prepare a master plan for the Baseball/Softball Complex.  This project was then placed in the 3-5 year capital plan for improvements to the infields, outfields, seating, add lights to the little league field, add a playground, add on to the walking path, add a shade structure for seating, and improve parking.  The master plan was funded with 1% sales tax dollars.


Weight Room Project – Winter 2018/2019:

The weight room has the carpet and asbestos tiles removed.  A new black matt floor and modern weight equipment were installed along with a large screen TV to stream workouts.  The room feels bright and there is plenty of room for several people to workout simultaneously.  There are weight machines, free weights, kettle bells, dumb bells, bosu balls, stability balls, bands, TXR, land mine, punching bag, rowing machine, and medicine balls for your workout pleasure.  This project was funded with  General Fund and 1% sales tax dollars.


Sales Tax Passed – June 2018:

A 1% Sales Tax was passed for Bowman Parks and Recreation capital improvements and maintenance.  The tax is a 10 year tax.  The 1% sales tax dollars are to be used to make improvements to existing facilities and possibly new construction.  The board has developed a living 5-year capital plan to guide them in their decisions on where to invest the sales tax dollars.


Funding for Community Use Facilities – One Cent Makes Sense – 2017-2018:

Bowman Parks and Recreation has updated the 5-Year Capital Plan for facility maintenance projects.  The latest plan includes upgrades to the pool valves, pool cover, and the boiler replaced; the weight room remodel includes a change of flooring and equipment; the skate park ramps must be repaired; the water heater and flooring in the Rouzie bath house is in need of replacement; resurfacing the infields, adding lights to two fields and the walking path, and replacing the grandstands at the baseball/softball fields is necessary for safety and future play; the original shower house and septic system at the campground needs to be replaced; the play structures at the parks need to be upgraded for safety; and maintenance equipment is continuously being upgraded.  The estimated total for these capital improvements is nearly $1,000,000.


With the current Capital mills maxed at less than $24,000 per year for the Bowman Parks and Recreation Board, the board has turned to the City of Bowman Commission, Bowman County Commission, and Tax and Tourism Committee in the past three years to help fund projects totaling over $400,000.  The Board would like to decrease the amount asked of the City of Bowman residents, the City of Bowman Commission, Bowman County Commission, and the Tax and Tourism Committee for funding future projects, and implement a 1% sales tax.  The sales tax would be used to fund the 5-year capital plan and future projects and programs of the Bowman Parks and Recreation Board.


Bowman Parks and Recreation improves the quality of life for the region by implementing youth and adult programs and by providing facilities and equipment.  Since Bowman is located on two major highways we see a lot of traffic through the area and our guests use the city parks for lunch, they stop and use the dog park to exercise their pets, they stay in our campground, they swim in our pool, and they participate in our many programs and activities.  By changing the funding structure to include a broader tax base while decreasing the tax burden on the City of Bowman resident, the Bowman Parks and Recreation Board believes the 5-year capital plan and future expansion of the Rouzie Recreation Center can be a reality.  We also believe building partnerships with the Bowman County School District, the Bowman County Public Library, the Bowman/Slope Council on Aging, and other local agencies to decrease the tax burden, and simultaneously improving the quality of life for our residents is a Win-Win for all.


The Board is asking the community for feedback on this.  If you are interested in more information on the ‘One Cent Makes Sense’ campaign, please contact Chanell Walby, Director of Bowman Parks and Recreation at 701-523-3896.


After School Program Survey Results – 2017:

Bowman Parks and Recreation has been having conversations with the school about the 2015 Needs Survey’s number one program need, an after school program.  During September and October, a survey was distributed through the school and Survey Monkey to grades K-6. Of the 94 respondents, 68% are interested in sending their children to an after school program and would be willing to pay $10 per day per child.   A committee will be set up to start planning for an after school program.  Update 2019:  The school has started an after school homework program to help meet the needs of the students.


New Registration and Membership Software – 2017:

MaxGalaxy is the new software that allows our patrons to register and pay for programs, memberships, facility reservations, and campsites online at  We are pleased to bring this convenience to our customers and help to make their life easier.


Ice Rink Moved – 2016:

The ice rink has been moved back to the Rouzie Rec Center facility in the fall of 2016 and is located directly to the south of the gym.  Community members have donated skates and hockey sticks, machinery and time to make skate assists and goals.  A light was also added so skating can be enjoyed in the evening hours during the winter.


Campground Upgrade – 2016:

During the summer and fall of 2016 the Butte View Campground received a grant from the North Dakota Park and Recreation Department to update the facilities.  Bowman County, City of Bowman, and Tax and Tourism Committee also contributed to the project.  The campground received electrical updates to 33 of its 54 sites and added water and sewer to 16 sites.  The County and City also regraded and graveled the roads at the campground.  These improvements will help to bring and keep visitors in Bowman longer by providing modern RV services.


Youth Sports Program Policy

Adopted by Bowman Parks and Recreation Board – December 9, 2015

Bowman Parks and Recreation adopted a Youth Sports Program Policy on December 9, 2015.  The purpose of the policy is to help develop skills, keep kids engaged, and to have fun.  Bowman Parks and Recreation wants kids to continue playing in the years ahead and by following a program which places the needs of the child (skills, equal playing time, fun) ahead of adult desires, we can provide the next level with coachable athletes.  Bowman Parks and Recreation endorses the National Alliance for Youth Sports programs and specifically shall use the National Youth Sports Coaches Association (NYSCA) to train coaches and meet program standards.  See the link here


Go to the National Alliance for Youth Sports webpage

The Rouzie Rec Center installed a new electrical main in December 2015.


The Rouzie Rec Center Gym installed new LED lights in the gym in December 2015.


The Rouzie Rec Center had a new roof, soffit, fascia, & gutter on the bath house, gym and stage roofs completed in September 2015.

Bowman Parks and Recreation Needs Survey

Monday, March 23, 2015

Survey Results

Business Plan

Bowman ND – The Bowman Parks and Recreation Board recently held a retreat to discuss items relating to facilities and programs.  The outcome of the retreat was to find out the opinion of the citizens of Bowman and surrounding areas.


A needs survey was designed and is being mailed to all households within the city of Bowman.  We have also placed this needs survey on Survey Monkey. If you live within a 50-mile radius of Bowman, you are invited to complete the needs survey by April 12.  This needs survey will only take a few minutes to complete.


If you receive the needs survey by mail, please complete and send to the City of Bowman with your utility payment or drop off at Rouzie Rec Center.  The Survey Monkey link will be emailed to our members and program participants, placed on Facebook, and placed on our website, the blue ‘Quick Links’ box.  Paper surveys will also be available at the Rouzie Rec Center.  Though there are multiple ways of completing the needs survey, please use one method only; paper or Survey Monkey.


“We are looking forward to receiving this information. It is important for us to understand the preferences, interests, and concerns of the community. We want to thank you in advance for helping us shape the future of our community,” stated Chanell Walby, Director.


February 2015 – Board of Directors Retreat:

A retreat was held in February of 2015 to discuss the future of the expansion project for Bowman Parks and Recreation.  The outcome of the retreat focused on finalizing a Mission Statement, discussing our highest priorities for facility improvements, and determining how to gather information for a community needs assessment.  The finalized mission statement is:


Bowman Parks and Recreation serves the wellness and recreational needs of our tri-state area by providing community facilities and progressive programs across the generations.


Winter 2015 – The Filter System for the outdoor pool is currently being replaced.  The locker rooms and hallways of the recreation center are also being improved.  We are very pleased to see an increase in our number of members this winter.  We updated the Cardio room last winter and added four new pieces of workout equipment and they are being used daily by our members.  It is wonderful to see our community members keeping Fit.  If you are over 60 and live in Bowman or Slope Counties you are eligible for a free membership through September 30, 2015.  The Council on Aging of Bowman/Slope Counties has given us a grant to pay for senior memberships.  Thank you Council on Aging and Thank you seniors to using our facility to better your health and wellness.


Thank you to our customers for your cooperation throughout our construction projects!

Five Year Capital Improvement Plan



The current Property Tax for the Parks and Recreation Capital Fund Mill Levy brings in between $20,000 and $25,000 per year.  We rely on our operating revenues, the City of Bowman, Bowman County, Tax and Tourism, and other outside contributions to complete the 5-year capital plan.

The Capital Plan is a living document and is designed to help the board achieve the goals necessary to continue to improve our facilities, programs, and parks.

The purpose of this article is to let the public know what plans are in place for Bowman Parks and Recreation.


Rouzie Recreation Center and Pool

The Rouzie Rec Center bath house was build in 1985 and is need of some updates and replacements.  We have currently replaced the filter system in the pool, added an outdoor slide, updated the cardio room and equipment, painted the hallway, and just replaced the entire roof of the facility.  We will now start working on the interior of the building updating the floors, adding air conditioning, replacing floor tiles, updating the weight room, and looking to expand the Rouzie Rec Center to accommodate more activities.


Butte View Campground

The Butte View Campground has been owned and operated by Bowman Parks and Recreation since 1997.  This campground was originally a state campground operated by the NDPR.  It currently has a seasonal shower house and 55 electrical hookups.  Six of those are 50 amp, 25 are 30 amp and 24 are 110 outlets.  The plan is to upgrade the electrical to at least 30 amp for all sites and to add water and sewer to at least 33 sites.  This will accommodate more modern campers and RVs and will help increase revenue to our region.  Once this is updated we hope to update the shower facility to accommodate a longer camping season.  Tourism and our local economy have been on the rise and we would like to accommodate our visitors, which helps our local businesses.  The revenues generated by this campground will also subsidize other Parks and Recreation projects.  We are also working with other agencies to start replacing our picnic tables.


James Field and Baseball/Softball Complex

The past two years we have invested in sprinkler systems for the baseball fields and are now in need of re-grading the playing surface for proper drainage, adding top dressing, repairing fencing and dugouts, adding lights, repairing or replacing the concessions building, and replacing seating.