Bowman County Superintendent of Roads

The Bowman County Roads Department is responsible to provide a safe, well-maintained county road and bridge system that will ensure reliable and convenient access for county residents, and to promote economic development of the area.

Weight Limits*
105,000 lbs gross weight
20,000 lbs single axle
34,000 lbs tandem axle
17,000 lbs 3 axle group or more per axle


Width Limits*
Over 8’6″ Requires an Oversize Trip Permit
Over 14’6″ requires Pilot Cars front and rear


Height Restrictions*
Over 14′ Requires an Oversize Trip Permit

*For Exemptions, refer to Sec 39-12 of North Dakota Century Code

County Road Construction Projects:




PHONE: (701) 523-5843

Bowman County Shop
305 4th St NE
Bowman ND 58623


Summer Hours:
Monday – Friday:
7:00am – 5:00pm MT

Winter Hours:
Monday – Thursday:
6:30am – 12:00pm MT
12:30pm – 5pm MT
(Closed on Legal Holidays)