Community Profile

Bowman County, North Dakota


Bowman County (2019)     3,148
Bowman City (2019)          1,560
Scranton City (2019)           365
Rhame City (2019)             184

Community Facilities

Apartments        17
Motels                 6
Churches            11
Protestant          8
Catholic              3
Grocery Stores  1
Libraries             1
Pharmacies        1
Gas Stations      5


Distance in Miles from:

Dickinson, ND     80 Miles
Miles City, MT     120 Miles
Rapid City, SD     175 Miles
Bismarck, ND      173 Miles
Billings, MT         269 Miles


Bowman Campus      48 Teachers
Pre-K                           26 Enrolled
Elementary (K-6)     234 Enrolled
Junior High (7-8)     80 Enrolled
High School (9-12)   136 Enrolled


Scranton                     19 Teachers
Elementary (K-6)     62 Enrolled
Jr/Sr High (7-12)     50 Enrolled


Rhame Campus        4 Teachers
Elementary (K-6)     35 Enrolled


Average Annual Precipitation                                      15-16″
Average Annual Snowfall                                               41-57″
Average Annual High Temperature                             55°F
Average Annual Low Temperature                               31°F
January Monthly Average High Temperature            28°F
July Monthly Average High Temperature                   83°F
Bowman, ND Elevation                                                   2,974′

Public Recreation

Ball Fields                                              5
Outdoor Basketball Courts                 2
Indoor Basketball Courts                   4
Bowling Alley                                        1
Golf Course                                           2
Movie Theater                                      1
Parks                                                      5
Outdoor Swimming Pool                   1
Tennis Court                                        1


Hospitals                   1
Medical Clinics        2
Nursing Homes        1
Optometrists             1
Dental Offices           2

Other Recreational Facilities

Fairgrounds & Rodeo Arena
Indoor All Seasons Arena
Historical Museum
Recreation Complex
State Campground
Football & Track Field
Tourism Center
Bowman Haley Dam Lake & Marina
Lions Campground



Bowman County Pioneer      Weekly
The Eido Connect                  Weekly


RADIO STATION               KPOK 1340 AM



Consolidated Telcom
Broadband Internet:  Yes

1st Class Post Office


Type of Government                     City Commission
City Police Department                3 FT Officers
County Sheriff Department         2 FT Officers
Bowman Fire Department           1 PT Deputy, 28 Volunteers
– Trucks                                           8
     – Rescue Trucks                        2
Fire Insurance Rating                7

Services Provided beyond Corporate Limits or by County

Rural Fire Department
Planning Commission
Industrial Plan
Zoning Regulations

Utilities and Services


Montana Dakota Utilities    City Service
Slope Electric Cooperative   Rural Service

Natural Gas

Montana Dakota Utilities    City and County


Other Fuels

Fuel Oil Distributors:  Yes
LP Gas Distributors:    Yes


Supplier City of Bowman  Deep Wells
Formation Source               Fox Hills, Hell Creek Aquafier
GPD Load Peak                   1,000,000
Storage Capacity                 800,000
Storage Type                        Overhead


Storm Sewage Coverage      80%
Sanitary Sewer Coverage     100%
Lagoon Treatment Plant      5 Cells
Capacity                                   42 Acres
Solid Waste Disposal            Pit Type

Major Employers

Southwest Healthcare            Healthcare
Bowman Co School Dist        Education
Wade Works, LLC                   Support Activities- Mining
Scranton Equity Exchange    Merchant Wholesaler
Farmers Union Oil Co            Merchant Wholesaler
Able                                            Nursing & Residential Care
Scranton Public School          Education
Frontier Travel Center           Gasoline


Highway Service                              US 85 & US 12
Nearest Interstate Interchange     60 Miles

Air Transportation
Bowman Municipal Airport           4 Miles East
Runway Length                                5,700 Ft
Runway Surface                               Concrete/Grooved

Light and Instrument Approach (GPS)  Jet Fuel, Jet
Airport Services                                            Maintenance, Courtesy Car

Theodore Roosevelt Regional Airport

Railroad  Burlington-Santa Fe

Labor Analysis

Est. Available Workers

County                                          3,148
Unemployment Rate (2014)    1.9%
Right-to-Work Law                    yes

Freight Carriers

Motor Freight

Midwest Terminal        80 Miles
UPS Terminal                80 Miles

Ground Freight
Parcel Service, UPS, US Mail, Federal Express

Financial Institutes

Banks                    5



13 1/2 E Divide
PO Box 1143
Bowman, ND 58623



8am – 5pm MT

(Closed on legal holidays)