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North Dakota Tourism

Bowman County Courthouse
104 1st St NW
Bowman, ND 58623




If you have a planned burn, please contact your Fire District:

 Bowman Fire District - 440-1105                     
 Marmarth Fire District - 440-6726
 Reeder Fire District - 853-2881                                        
 Rhame Fire District - 590-2435
 Scranton Fire District - 440-0106


See this link for information on Bowman County weight limits and construction schedules.



The Courthouse will be CLOSED on December 24-25 for the Christmas holiday. 



BE IT HEREBY RESOLVED by a unanimous vote of the Bowman County Commission that county residents are to avoid adding to the hazards of wintertime driving by not placing snow within seventy-five feet (75) from the center of each road, which also includes the ditch bottom and back slope of the roadway.  Snow dumped, plowed, pushed, blown or shoveled onto a roadway can create hazards not only for motorists, but also for snowplow equipment.  Upon discovery of such incident the landowner will be given 24 hours to completely remove the obstruction.  As per N.D.C.C. 24-05-23, if the landowner fails to pay the county for the damages, the expense of the repair must be charged against the land of the landowner.  The expenses charged become a part of the taxes to be levied against the land for the ensuing year and must be collected in the same manner as other real estate taxes are collected. Dated November 21, 2017   Bowman County Commission (s)

By order of the Bowman County Commissioners, all hay must be removed from the county road right-of-ways by October 19, 2018.  If the hay is not removed, the county will remove and the cost of such removal shall be taxed against the land.

Bowman County Board Positions Expiring Year End 2018

The Bowman County Commissioners respectfully request that any individual, that is a qualified candidate, living in the taxing district located in Bowman County, and is interested in serving on the following boards contact the auditor’s office, at 523-3130, by December 15, 2018.  All interested candidates will be given a form to complete, and will be scheduled to meet with the Bowman County Commissioners on December 18, 2018, during their regularly scheduled commission meeting.

Bowman County Airport Authority                                      As per N.D.C.C. 2-06-06
One - Two Year Term
One – Three Year Term
One – Five Year Term
County Wide

Bowman County Housing Authority                                     As per N.D.C.C. 23-11-05
One – One Year Term
One – Five Year Term
1-Rhame Community
1-At Large

Bowman County Water Board                                              As per N.D.C.C. 61-16-07
One – Three Year Term
County Wide

Bowman County Weed Board                                              As per N.D.C.C. 4.1-47-06
One – Four Year Term
County Wide

Bowman County Zoning Board                                             As per N.D.C.C. 11-33-04
2-Four Year Terms – At Large
County Wide



Part-Time Veterans Service Officer
JOB SUMMARY: Carry out the statutory responsibilities, operations, functions, and activities of the County Veterans Service Officer, as outlined by the North Dakota Century Code.
REQUIREMENTS:  Successful applicant must be willing to become acquainted with the laws, both state and federal, enacted for the benefit of returning servicemen and servicewomen to assist such returning members of the armed forces in the presentation, proof, and establishment of such claims, privileges, and rights as they have. Pre-Employment checks include criminal and motor vehicle record. Job Description and applications are available at the Bowman County Auditor’s office or can be obtained on-line. Application deadline is 4:30 pm on December 19th. Bowman County is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Full-Time Road Equipment Operator
Bowman County is accepting applications for a full-time road equipment operator. A valid Class A CDL is required along with a clean driving record.  Knowledge of road equipment and road blading is preferred.  Pre-Employment checks include criminal, motor vehicle record, and drug & alcohol testing. This position is eligible for benefits including medical insurance, retirement, paid vacation, sick leave and holidays.  Application and job description are available at the Bowman County Auditor’s office or applications can be obtained on-line.  Completed applications need to be returned to the Auditor’s Office no later than noon on December 28, 2018. Bowman County is an Equal Opportunity Employer.