Bowman School

Mission Statement

The mission of Bowman County School is to empower individuals to succeed in a changing world.


Vision Statement
To empower students with enthusiasm for life and learning to maximize their individual talents and gifts.


Our School’s Beliefs
A safe and physically comfortable environment promotes students’ learning.


Students learn best when they are actively engaged in a learning process with a variety of instructional approaches and when our staff maintains high expectations for learning.


Interaction with adults and other students contributes to student learning.
Collectively, staff and other stakeholders enable students to achieve expectations for student learning.


A successful student creates and uses a variety of thinking and reasoning strategies.


Motivation to learn is influenced by a student’s emotional state, beliefs, interests, goals and habits of thinking.

Scranton School

Mission Statement

All students will be challenged and empowered to maximize their individual potential both personally and academically.



Soaring to new heights!



Every student will graduate with maximized individual capabilities as responsible citizens and passionate learners.



  • Students deserve a safe and respectful environment.
  • With responsibility and high expectations comes confidence to face challenges.
  • Character traits such as integrity, empathy, and respect should be fostered throughout all learning experiences.
  • Collaboration leads to group success and personal growth.



High School: 701-523-3283
Principal’s Office: 701-523-3283
Middle School: 701-523-3358
Roosevelt-Kind.: 701-523-5280

102 8th Ave. SW
Bowman, ND 58623

Rhame Elementary School

PO Box 70
109 Main St N

Rhame, ND 58651


Phone: 701-275-8897
Fax: 701-275-6221

PO Box 126
52 Fries St NE

Scranton, ND 58653