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Weed Department

North Dakota Tourism

Randy Gaebe Weed Control Officer

PHONE: (701) 523-4902

104 1st St NW
Bowman, ND 58623

Bowman County Weed Department

The Bowman County Weed Board is made up of 3 members appointed by the County Commission. The Weed Board hires a Weed Control Officer, a position held by Randy Gaebe, who also works closely with landowners.

The job of the Weed Board and Weed Officer is to enforce the North Dakota Century Code noxious weed law. Please contact the office for more information about the Weed Board and the numerous programs aimed at helping landowners with noxious weeds.

The Weed Control office is located in the upper level of the Bowman County Courthouse.


Weed Department Minutes

December 02, 2014
12:00 PM

Roll Call:  Jerid Janikowski, Jeff Oakland, George Buckmeier, Randy Gaebe

Minutes of Previous Meeting were read and approved on a motion by Jerid, seconded by George. Motion carried.

Old Business:


Weed Board members discussed building opportunities. There are a couple of buildings at the old airport that may be suitable for our use. We will visit with county commission to see what the potential is.


Randy shared an updated brochure to be mailed out to county property owners. Board members encouraged some minor changes.


Board members discussed cost-share program adjustments; Jerid moved and George seconded a motion to change the custom application rate to $90 per hour and reduce the reimbursement rate to 25%. Motion Carried.

New Business:

Board members and Weed Officer discussed having an increased focus on noxious weed law education during the winter months and increased weed law enforcement during next growing season.

Randy informed board members of Milestone pricing changes with discount pricing available from herbicide distributor direct to Government agencies.  Board members prefer to continue our practice of soliciting bids from local herbicide retailers.

The board meeting was adjourned at 1:15 pm to attend County Commission Meeting.                                 

Weed Department Meetings

The Bowman County Weed Board generally meets every first Thursday of the months; February, April, June, August, October, and December in the Dakota Room of the Bowman County Courthouse at 7:00pm. See the Meeting Calendar for upcoming meeting dates.

Weed Department Board

Jerid Janikowski President                    
Jeff Oakland Member
George Buckmeier Member