Bowman County Superintendent of Roads

The Bowman County Roads Department is responsible to provide a safe, well-maintained county road and bridge system that will ensure reliable and convenient access for county residents, and to promote economic development of the area.



BE IT HEREBY RESOLVED by a unanimous vote of the Bowman County Commission that county residents are to avoid adding to the hazards of wintertime driving by not placing snow within seventy-five feet (75) from the center of each road, which also includes the ditch bottom and back slope of the roadway. Snow dumped, plowed, pushed, blown or shoveled onto a roadway can create hazards not only for motorists, but also for snowplow equipment. Upon discovery of such incident the landowner will be given 24 hours to completely remove the obstruction. As per N.D.C.C. 24-05-23, if the landowner fails to pay the county for the damages, the expense of the repair must be charged against the land of the landowner.  The expenses charged become a part of the taxes to be levied against the land for the ensuing year and must be collected in the same manner as other real estate taxes are collected.

Dated this day 21 of November 2017.
Rick Braaten, Chm Board Bowman County Commission

Restrictions on paved and chip seal county roads – 3/1/21

By Order of the Bowman County Commission, weight limits of 14,000 lbs per axle with a 105,500 lb gross weight will begin Wednesday, 3/3/2021, on all county chip sealed and paved roads in Bowman County until further notice.

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