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Bowman, ND 58623

Bowman County Commission

Bowman County Commissioners are elected at large on a non-partisan basis for staggered four-year terms. The County Commission is the governing body of the County responsible for overseeing County activities and working to ensure that citizen concerns are met, federal and state requirements are fulfilled, and County operations run smoothly.

The State constitution gives the Board of County Commissioners the power to adopt zoning ordinances (local laws), levy taxes, appropriations, authorize bonds, set salaries, approve bills, accept bids, approve the County budget and establish the requirements/policies for the Departments under its control.

The Board governs all unorganized townships of the County directly.



County Commission Minutes

August 02, 2016
8:00 AM





The Board of County Commissioners met in regular session on August 2, 2016, with the following present: Pine Abrahamson, Rick Braaten, Lynn Brackel and Ken Steiner.  Bill Bowman was absent due to attending the North Dakota State Special Legislative Session. Chairman Braaten called the meeting to order at 8:02 AM. 

             Braaten asked for corrections or additions to the agenda. Abrahamson requested time to discuss road and bridge items.  Brackel made a motion to approve the agenda, with Abrahamson seconding the motion, and upon a vote, the motion was carried unanimously.

            The following vouchers were approved by a motion made by Steiner with Abrahamson seconding the motion, and upon a vote, the motion was carried unanimously.


July Payroll



Social Welfare






Advanced Business Methods



Bowman County Historical Society



Bowman County Treasurer



Steve Beylund Construction



Bill Bowman



Brosz Engineering



Bowman Sales & Service






Electronic Communications



Fox Hills Fencing



Frontier Travel Center



Farmer's Union Oil Company



Karla Germann



Guille Irons



Jon Jahner



Jim's Repair



John Deere Financial



Lyle Signs, Inc.









Kevin Miller Construction



Montana Liquid Transport



Melvin Miller Construction



ND Assoc. of O&G Prod. Counties



ND Insurance Reserve



ND Peace Officer's Association



Newby's Ace Hardware






G.L. Perry Trucking



Peters Trucking



Pioneer Trails Regional Museum



Randy's Welding



Slope Electric



S&T Custom Plumbing



Jim Stebbins Trucking



Jettie Swanson



Tiger Electric



Tom's Auto Body



Western Emulsions



Steiner made a motion to approve the July 19, 2016 minutes, with Brackel seconding the motion, and upon a vote, the motion was carried unanimously

Bowman County Weed Officer, Randy Gaebe and George Buckmeier, board member, met to present their 2017 budget. 

Bowman County department heads and elected officials met to outline 2017 budget proposals

  Bowman County Highway Superintendent, Neil Hofland, and Gary Brennan of Brosz Engineering met to provide an update on road projects. 

Bowman Economic Development Executive Director, Teran Doerr and Kevin Buchholz, board member, met to outline their 2017 budget.   Doerr will submit the 2017 budget request with a decrease of five percent for commission approval. 

Brackel made a motion to donate $250.00 to the Scranton Northern Ambassador of Music participants for their assistance with the recent Employee Appreciation picnic.  Steiner seconded the motion.  A roll call vote was taken with all members voting aye. Motion carried. 

Abrahamson made a motion to pay Kruger’s Kitchen $1,400 for catering the Employee Appreciation picnic.  Brackel seconded the motion.  A roll call vote was taken with all members voting aye. Motion carried. 

Bowman County Treasurer, Christine Septon, met to seek approval of the June 2016 Treasurer’s Report/Bank Reconciliation Report, as she has received a corrected statement from the bank.  Abrahamson made a motion to approve the report, with Steiner seconding the motion, and upon a vote, the motion was carried unanimously

Bowman Slope Multi-County Social Service Director, Shonda Schwartz met to present the 2017 budget. 

NDSU Bowman County Family and Consumer Science Extension Agent, Amy Lick and NDSU Bowman County Agriculture and Natural Resources Agent, Erin Gaugler, and district manager, Jim Gray met to present their 2017 budget.  Ms. Lick tendered her resignation, as she has been accepted into graduate school.  The commission offered approval to Mr. Gray to begin the preparations to secure a replacement. 

Steiner made a motion to approve the quote received from Tiger Electric for $345.00 to install the proper electrical outlets for the generator in the event of a power outage to maintain the operation of the telephone system. Funding will come from the building fund.   Abrahamson seconded the motion.  A roll call vote was taken with all members voting aye.  Motion carried. 

Southwestern District Health Unit Executive Director, Sherry Adams, board members, Joyce Thompson and Leah Honeyman, met to outline the district’s 2017 proposed budget.  They are diligently working on gaining accreditation, as per a federal requirement, to be eligible for future grant funding.   The joint commission/board of health meeting will be held on Tuesday, August 30th, at which time the final budget approval will be considered.  

            Cal Klewin, Executive Director, Theodore Roosevelt Expressway, (TRE) met to provide an update and inquire if Bowman County will consider renewing their pledge of $10,000 per year. TRE is receiving strong congressional support.  Klewin updated the “FAST” act for the replacement of the Long X Bridge, which was built in 1959.  The commission will consider the funding request and report back at a later date. 

            Pioneer Trails Museum Director, Jean Nudell and board members, Dean Pearson, Larry Njos, Jerry Erickson, Dorothy Pearson, Myron Olson, and Kevin and Debbie Buchholz, met to provide an update and present their 2017 budget request.  Buchholz will reduce their request by five percent and resubmit for commission approval.   

            With no other business to discuss, Steiner made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 4:54PM, with Brackel seconding the motion, and upon a vote the motion was carried unanimously.  


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Rick Braaten (s) Chairman

            Board of Bowman County Commissioners



ATTEST:  Sandra K. Tivis (s)  Bowman County Auditor

County Commission Agenda

August 16, 2016
8:00 AM
  1. Call to order Chairman Braaten


  1. Consideration for Approval:
  1. Agenda
  2. Vouchers
  3. August 2, 2016 Minutes
  4. July Treasurer’s Report– Daily Cash Settlements/Bank Reconciliation Report
  5. Application for Local Raffle Permit – ND High School Rodeo Assoc.


  1. Unfinished Business
  1. 2017 Budget


  1. New Business


  1. Scheduled Appointments Made in Advance


9:00 AM  Bowman County Emergency Manager, Dean Pearson & Karla Germann

                     9:30        Bowman County Treasurer, Christine Septon

                     9:45        Bowman County State’s Attorney, Stephanie Pretzer  

                    10:00          Bowman County Highway Superintendent, N Hofland

                    11:30          Bowman County Library Board      


1:15  PM    ~Open At Time of Publication   

1:45            Bowman County Weather Modification Board

2:15          Bowman Water Board Members

2:40          City of Bowman Park and Rec Board

3:00          Bowman County Airport Authority

3:30            Bowman County Fair Board

4:00           Bowman County Housing Authority Board


    Elected Officials Office Updates & Other


  1. Public Notices 

The County Commission has been invited to attend the following events and/or meetings:  

Aug 30, 2016 – 5:30 Elks Club – Dickinson, North Dakota

            Southwestern District Health Unit Public Meeting/ Hearing for Approval of 2017 Budget         

                  September 7, 2016 at 6:00 PM - Bowman County Local Emergency Planning Committee will be held in Bowman County Courthouse Emergency Operations Center.


VI.    Important Meeting Dates

                  Next Regularly Scheduled Commission Meeting –September 6,  2016  9:00 AM                                                             

  1. Adjourn

County Commission Meeting

The Bowman County Commissioners meet on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month, starting at 9:00 AM. Meetings may be rescheduled from time to time if necessary; see the Meeting Calendar for upcoming meeting dates.

To be placed on the agenda with the Commissioners, please contact Bowman County Auditor,

Sandi Tivis, at 701-523-3130


Rick Braaten

(701) 279-5530

Rick was elected as a Bowman County Commissioner in November 2008 and re-elected in 2012.  He is a 1975 graduate of Bowman High School and graduated from NDSU in 1979 with a BS degree in Agricultural Economics. Rick is married to Laurie Fish and has four sons.  Rick engages in farm and ranch work.
Other Offices Held:
  • 1994 – 2002 Board Member Farmers Union Oil of Rhame
  • 2003 to present FSA County Committee 
  • 2004 to present Volunteer Bowman County Boys Basketball Coach

Kenneth Steiner

(701) 275-8789

Ken was elected in 2002 and then re-elected in 2006 and 2010 to the Bowman County Commission.   Ken is married and has four children.  He has lived in Bowman County his entire life.  Ken engages in farming and ranching. His hobbies include camping and golfing.
Other Offices Held:
  • Bowman County Zoning Board
  • Southwest Multi-County Correction Center Board Member 
  • Bowman County Park Board

Bill Bowman

(701) 523-3188

Bill is serving as a Bowman County Commissioner as well as a State Senator from District 39.  Bill has served in the senate since 1991.  He is an auctioneer and engages in general farm and ranch work.  He holds a BS degree in business education from Dickinson State University and was also in the army.  Bill has three children.
 Other Offices Held:
  • Past President Pro Tempore
  • Past Chairman Agriculture Committee 
  • Current Vice Chair of State of ND Appropriations 
  • Advocate for Oil Producing County Issues
  • Advocate to Promote Quality of Life for all Rural ND   

Pine Abrahamson


Pine was first elected as a Bowman County Commissioner in 2004 and re-elected in 2008 and 2012.  He owns a trucking, custom spraying, and seeding business and is one of Bowman County’s finest entrepreneurs – he has the great ideas and the determination to make it happen! 


Other Offices Held:
Bowman/Slope Multi County Social Service District
Bowman County Information Technology Committee
All Seasons Arena
Bowman County Extension Advisory Council

Lynn Brackel

(701) 523-3749

Lynn was elected to County Commission in 2008 and re-elected in 2010. He graduated from Dickinson State University in 1966 with a music degree and taught band and chorus for 12 years. 
Lynn owned a plumbing business and has served the Southwest North Dakota, Montana, and South Dakota area for over 30 years. Lynn still enjoys music and has been director of Church Choir for 30 years; Bowman County Community Band for 20 years; and Saxy Brass for 13 years.  Lynn is married with 3 children and 5 grandchildren.
Other Offices Held:
  • Bowman County Zoning Board
  • Roosevelt-Custer Regional Council for Development Board 
  • Member of Bowman Chamber of Commerce
  • Member of Bowman Rotary Club
  • Bowman County Economic Development Corporation