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Bowman County Commission

Bowman County Commissioners are elected at large on a non-partisan basis for staggered four-year terms. The County Commission is the governing body of the County responsible for overseeing County activities and working to ensure that citizen concerns are met, federal and state requirements are fulfilled, and County operations run smoothly.

The State constitution gives the Board of County Commissioners the power to adopt zoning ordinances (local laws), levy taxes, appropriations, authorize bonds, set salaries, approve bills, accept bids, approve the County budget and establish the requirements/policies for the Departments under its control.

The Board governs all unorganized townships of the County directly.



County Commission Minutes

May 02, 2017
9:00 AM





The Board of County Commissioners met in regular session on May 2, 2017, with the following present: Pine Abrahamson, Rick Braaten, Lynn Brackel, Jerry Jeffers and Ken Steiner. 

Chairman Braaten called the meeting to order at 9:00 AM.  Braaten read a prepared statement outlining the proper procedure to rescind motions previously made, noting any motion can be rescinded, unless a legal binding contract was previously accepted, in which a monetary value was approved in the contract. “I’m reminding everyone here that if a vote doesn’t go the way you would like that there is a respectful and professional way to vote on it again”.

Chairman Braaten asked for corrections or additions to the agenda.   Brackel requested time to provide an update on the legislative meeting that he and Jeffers attended in Bismarck, as well as an update to the last Roosevelt Custer Regional Council meeting that he attended. Steiner made a motion to approve the agenda, with Jeffers seconding the motion, and upon a vote, the motion was carried unanimously.

The following vouchers were approved by a motion made by Jeffers, with Brackel seconding the motion, and upon a vote, the motion was carried unanimously.



April Payroll



Social Welfare



ABLE, Inc.



Advanced Business Methods



AVI Systems



Baker Furniture



Bowman Auto Parts



Bowman County Fair Association



Bowman County Pioneer



Bowman County Treasurer



Bowman County Treasurer



Bowman Glass



Bowman Lodge



Brosz Engineering



Brosz Engineering



Brosz Engineering



Brosz Engineering












Dacotah Paper



Dale's Tire & Retreading



Days Inn



Fast Initial Response Systems



First International Bank



Jim's Repair



Lyle Signs, Inc.






Anita McLaughlin






Midcontinent Communications



ND Insurance Department



ND County Recorders Association



Newby's Ace Hardware



North Dakota One Call



Northwest Tire






Peters Trucking



P.S. Custom Embroidery






Randy's Welding



Reds Fixit Shop



Sleepy Hollow Kustoms



Slope Electric



S&T Custom Plumbing



Jim Stebbins Trucking



Southwest Auto Supply



Swanke's Pest Control



Team Lab



Tiger Electric



Jan Werre



 Abrahamson made a motion to approve the minutes from April 18, 2017, with Steiner seconding the motion, and upon a vote, the motion was carried unanimously. 

 Chanell Walby, Director of Southwest Transportation Services, met to discuss the veteran service transportation van that was awarded to the county through the Highly Rural Transportation Grant. Walby inquired if the van could be leased by Southwest Transportation for their use, and if not, if the county could employee their driver to provide transportation for the veterans living in the county.  She stated that they are currently being reimbursed from the grant monies available from Highly Rural Transportation Grant, which is administered through the North Dakota Department of Veteran Affairs Fargo office.  Tivis will coordinate a meeting with North Dakota Department of Veteran Affairs Commissioner, Lonnie Wangen and Walby in the near future, to discuss.   

            Brackel made a motion to approve removing Christine Septon from all bank accounts that the county does business with, due to her retirement, and add Anita McLaughlin and Sydnee Kidd to the accounts.  Abrahamson seconded the motion.  A roll call vote was taken with all members voting aye.  Motion carried.

            Bowman Housing Authority board member, Margie Russ, met to present the independent accountant’s report on applying agreed-upon procedures, negotiated by the United States Department of Agriculture and the management of Bowman County Housing Authority.   Discussion followed on a Community Block Grant application for the Jesco Apartments. Brackel made a motion to authorize Russ to submit the grant application for the stated projects, with Steiner seconding the motion. A roll call vote was taken with all members voting aye.  Motion carried.    

            Brackel provided an update to the recent Roosevelt Custer Regional Council meeting.  Several administrative members will be retiring at year end.    

            Bowman County/Slope County 911 Coordinator, Bowman County Emergency Manager Karla Germann met to discuss the need for security in the data room for protection of server.  Brackel made a motion to approve purchasing the security gate at a cost of $315.00.  Jeffers seconded the motion.  A roll call vote was taken with all members voting aye. Motion carried.  Abrahamson made a motion to approve the Midco contract, with Steiner seconding.  A roll call vote was taken with all members voting aye.  Motion carried. 

            Bowman County Highway Superintendent, Shane Biggs, met to discuss ongoing road projects.  Gravel is being bored at the preselected spots.  Abrahamson made a motion to remove the road limits, with Jeffers seconding the motion, and upon a vote, the motion was carried unanimously.  Bowman County will purchase 20,000 (+) (-) cubic yards of gravel from Slope County.  Bowman County State’s Attorney, Stephanie Pretzer will draft a purchase agreement. Brackel made a motion to approve the Scranton Township request of 1,000 cubic yards of gravel from the Kelner Pit and also approve the purchase of five culverts, with the township paying 20% of the cost.  Steiner seconded the motion.  A roll call vote was taken with all members voting aye.  Motion carried.    Biggs stated that he received word that the Haley Dam Road project will be starting May 8, 2017, which is three weeks earlier than what was previously scheduled.    

Brackel expressed his concern of policy changes that are not on the agenda.  Brackel previously completed a survey, which he referred to as the “main street concerns” and he feel strongly that the opinions from the survey should stand.  He also stated that any potential changes in county policies should be brought forth when all commissioners are present at a meeting, a decision should be made with the full commission board present.  Brackel made a motion to rescind the previous action that was taken on April 18, 2017, relating to the change in the working hours of the road department. with Abrahamson seconding the motion.  A roll call vote was taken with Brackel, Abrahamson, Jeffers voting aye, Steiner and Braaten voted nay.  The working hours of the Policy reverts back to original format. 

Bowman County Development Corporation Executive Director Teran Doerr, Bowman County Development Corporation board member Kevin Bucholz, Bowman Theater Community Committee members, Kristi Pagel, Tiffany Kees, Laura Weber and Jean Nudell met to discuss a proposal for the Bowman Theatre to become community owned.  The committee requested financing of $50,000.00 from the county. The commissioners stated that they will not be in a position to make a decision until a preliminary review of revenue and expenses has been completed for the 2018 budget.   The committee is welcome to meet with the commissioners in the fall.

Bowman County Tax Director, Dean Pearson and assistant Jodi Freier, met to discuss the need for new window coverings in their offices.  Steiner made a motion to purchase the aluminum blinds from the low quote received from Cashway Builders, with the county custodian installing them.  Abrahamson seconded the motion.  A roll call vote was taken with all members voting aye.  Motion carried.   

Bowman County Sheriff Rory Teigen, deputy sheriff, Dick Fredericks, Bowman County Emergency Manager, Dean Pearson and Bowman County Assistant Manager Karla Germann met to report the results of training exercise that was held in the courthouse during the afternoon.     

Bowman County Treasurer Anita McLaughlin, met to discuss the amendment to the Bowman County Motor Vehicle Branch Office contract.  The amendment is due to the North Dakota Motor Vehicle Department changing their software.  Abrahamson made a motion to approve the amendment, with Jeffers seconding the motion, and upon a vote the motion was carried unanimously.  

            With no further business to discuss, Steiner made a motion at 4:05 PM to adjourn the meeting, with Abrahamson seconding the motion, and upon a vote the motion was carried unanimously.  


                                                                                    Rick Braaten, Chairman (s) Board of County Commission 



ATTEST:  Sandra K. Tivis (s) Bowman County Auditor

County Commission Agenda

May 16, 2017
9:00 AM

Call to order Chairman Braaten
Consideration for Approval:

May 2, 2017 Minutes
April Treasurer’s Report – Daily Cash Settlements/Bank Reconciliation Report
Purchase Agreement with Slope County – Gravel Purchase

Unfinished Business
A,    2017 Legislative Session Wrap-Up
New Business

2018 Budget Discussion

Scheduled Appointments Made in Advance

10:00 AM     ~Open at time of Publication~
11:00     Bowman County Highway Superintendent S. Biggs
11:30     Residents Adjacent to 144th Ave SW (Steig Road)


1:15 PM      ~Open at Time of Publication~

            Elected Officials Office Updates & Other

Public Notices  

The County Commission has been invited to attend the following events and/or meetings:   

Important Meeting Dates

   Next Regularly Scheduled Commission Meeting – June 6, 2017 - 9:00 AM

County Commission Meeting

The Bowman County Commissioners meet on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month, starting at 9:00 AM. Meetings may be rescheduled from time to time if necessary; see the Meeting Calendar for upcoming meeting dates.

To be placed on the agenda with the Commissioners, please contact Bowman County Auditor at 701-523-3130


Rick Braaten

(701) 279-5530

Rick was first elected as a Bowman County Commissioner in November 2008.  He is a 1975 graduate of Bowman High School and graduated from NDSU in 1979 with a BS degree in Agricultural Economics. Rick is married to Laurie Fish and has four sons.  Rick engages in farm and ranch work.
Other Offices Held:
  • 1994 – 2002 Board Member Farmers Union Oil of Rhame
  • 2003 to present FSA County Committee 
  • 2004 to present Volunteer Bowman County Boys Basketball Coach

Kenneth Steiner

(701) 275-8789

Ken was first elected in 2002 to the Bowman County Commission.   Ken is married and has four children.  He has lived in Bowman County his entire life.  Ken engages in farming and ranching. His hobbies include camping and golfing.
Other Offices Held:
  • Bowman County Zoning Board
  • Southwest Multi-County Correction Center Board Member 
  • Bowman County Park Board

Jerry Jeffers

(701) 279-5885

Jerry was elected to the Bowmn County Commission in 2016 and is the third generation on the Jeffers farm in southwestern Bowman; homesteaded in 1909. Jerry also has operated a cabinet shop in the winter since 1976. He has three sons and is married to Karen who had two sons and a daughter. Between them they have 11 grandchildren.
 Other Offices Held:
  • Current Bowman/Slope Soil Conservation board member
  • Current Bowman County Zoning board member
  •  Former 4-H Leader and 4-H Council President
  • Past Sunny Apartments board member
  • Past Bethany Church council president
  • Past school board member 

Pine Abrahamson


Pine was first elected as a Bowman County Commissioner in 2004.  He owns a trucking, custom spraying, and seeding business and is one of Bowman County’s finest entrepreneurs – he has the great ideas and the determination to make it happen! 


Other Offices Held:
Bowman/Slope Multi County Social Service District
Bowman County Information Technology Committee
All Seasons Arena
Bowman County Extension Advisory Council

Lynn Brackel

(701) 523-3749

Lynn was elected to County Commission in 2008. He graduated from Dickinson State University in 1966 with a music degree and taught band and chorus for 12 years. Lynn owned a plumbing business and has served the Southwest North Dakota, Montana, and South Dakota area for over 30 years. Lynn still enjoys music and has been director of Church Choir for 30 years; Bowman County Community Band for 20 years; and Saxy Brass for 13 years.  Lynn is married with 3 children and 5 grandchildren.
Other Offices Held:
  • Bowman County Zoning Board
  • Roosevelt-Custer Regional Council for Development Board 
  • Member of Bowman Chamber of Commerce
  • Member of Bowman Rotary Club
  • Bowman County Economic Development Corporation