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Airport Authority

North Dakota Tourism

Airport Authority

Bowman County Courthouse
104 1st St NW, Suite 1
Bowman, ND 58623

Bowman County Airport Authority

Bowman County is building a new, larger airport to support the state’s economic boom. A groundbreaking ceremony took place Oct. 16, 2012 and the dirt moving and grading phase of the project is underway. The new facility that will have a 5,700-foot runway. The extra runway length will enable a wider variety of aircraft types to utilize the facility.

The updated Bowman Airport will help provide infrastructure needs of airports in western North Dakota and will aid as an economic engine for the entire region.



Airport Authority Minutes

December 21, 2015
7:00 PM

Bowman County Airport Authority Minutes

December 21, 2015


Members present:   Andy Mrnak, John Soreide, Bob Morland, Eugene Miller & Rod Schaaf

Members absent:    None                     

Others present:       Brent Kline, Airport Mgr., Terry Schaaf & Jud Seaman


  1. Minutes of the previous meeting (November 23, 2015) were reviewed. Andy moved to approve the minutes. Bob seconded the motion.  Motion carried.
  2. Bills were presented for approval.
  3. Financial Reports were reviewed


  1. Gary Brennan email report:
    1. Boring at old airport fuel tank removal project is completed.  Beylund Construction will proceed with removal.  Beylund Construction requested to use fill from airport property to complete project.  Bob moved to approve the request with Gary Brennan to approve the location and manner of fill removal.  John seconded the motion.  Motion carried.  
    2. Old airport property transfer to county.  It came to the attention of the board that the Airport Authority owned 1.91 acres of land on the north side of the railroad tracks.  It was thought that we only had an aviation easement on the property.  It was the intent to transfer all property to the county.  John moved to transfer all property to the county, including the 1.91 acres.  Eugene seconded the motion.  Motion carried. 
    3. Zoning/Easements at old airport – Eugene moved to proceed with cancelling/eliminating all airport zoning and aviation easements at the old airport.  John seconded the motion.  Motion carried. 
  2. Private Hangars at old airport – Andy moved to have Steve Wild complete legal work required to offer the owners of private hangars at the old airport the amount per Western Edge Realty Opinion of Value.  If the owners refuse the offer, they will be required to move their buildings from the airport property.  John seconded the motion.  Motion carried.
  3. Rod reported on his attendance at the National Concrete Association banquet where Bowman County Airport Authority was awarded the gold award for general aviation airports in the US. 

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned.


Airport Authority Meeting

Bowman County Airport Authority meets every fourth Monday at the Bowman County Regional Airport beginning at 7:00 PM. See the Meeting Calendar for upcoming meeting dates.

Airport Authority Membership

Rodney Schaaf Chairman
Bob Morland Secretary/Treasurer
Eugene Miller Member
Andy Mrnak Member
John Soreide Member