Shooting Range Wins Community Challenge

Shooting Range Wins Community Challenge

Bowman Parks and Recreation took home the win of $10,000 for the 2021 Community Challenge for a Shooting Range in Bowman County. Their proposal includes plans to provide a location for an archery range, clay pigeon area, and shooting range.


A shooting range will provide a facility where hunters can practice shooting, locals can site in their guns, and a safe place where elders can teach young hunters. Plus, it offers the availability to service 4-H clubs, gun safety, school clubs, and many more possibilities. The shooting range will be supported by membership fees.


Bowman Parks and Recreation will be writing additional grants and fundraising to secure required funding. More information will continue to be released as the project progresses. Further questions can be directed to Bowman Parks and Recreation.


This year’s judges included Aurora Wallman, Brooklyn Engelhart, Claira Kees, Josh Weakly, and Nick Walker. The Community Challenge was created by Bowman County Development Corporation and funded by the Bowman Tax and Tourism Committee. Both organizations are hopeful to host another challenge in 2022. Brosz Engineering, Inc. was the first winner in 2020. Do you have a great idea to create your community? Keep an eye out in 2022!

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