Building Commerce From White Butte

Building Commerce From White Butte

White Butte is North Dakota’s highest natural point at 3,506 feet and a favorite stop while visiting North Dakota. As the amount of visitors to White Butte rises every year, the question of how to draw those visitors in to enjoy the surrounding communities was asked several times. In June, Bowman County Development Corporation launched an initiative to help draw visitors to Bowman County and support local commerce.


On top of White Butte sits a metal sign with information on how to redeem a local coupon book and get a discount on a White Butte t-shirt. Visitor’s are encouraged to sign the paper guestbook and also submit their photos to the digital guestbook available only through the secret website page accessed while atop of White Butte.


Numerous businesses have already received traffic from the hikers of White Butte which is measurable by the coupons they redeem. This is a great way to show travelers more of what Bowman County has to offer. Not only has this been a fun experience for visitors, but it has spurred locals to hike up to the top again to enjoy the views and take part of the fun promotion.


All of this comes at an exciting time as the Maah Daah Hey Trail Association is updating the trail up White Butte to make it an easier, more gradual ascent. They have already added a bench to the top and will be adding more features at the base of the butte. While improvements are still underway, it is hoped that the trail improvements will be ready to enjoy by early August.


Now is the perfect time to take on this unforgettable hike in North Dakota.


More information on the promotion and White Butte is available through Bowman County Development Corporation located at 13 E Divide, Bowman, ND or by calling 701.523.5880.

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