Workforce Open Forum

Workforce Open Forum

Open Forum that was open to any businesses or employee that wished to attend. Signs and ads are seen in most businesses, not only in Bowman County but across the state and nation advertising “Help Wanted.” As today’s workforce continues to evolve, businesses are having to take creative approaches to filling open positions. The meeting was open to all businesses and their employees to discuss resources available to assist them in their recruitment and retention efforts.


The pre-survey of 18 respondents showed a total of 58 open positions which averages three open positions per business. The survey also identified the top three challenges businesses are facing as attracting to a rural community, inability to offer competitive pay, and lack of needed skill in the area.


“We know workforce is a challenge for businesses nationwide and we hope the programs offered can give Bowman County businesses an edge on recruitment and retention.” Doerr mentioned as she prepared to share the new programs.


Due to the challenges the Bowman County businesses have been facing, BCDC released a suite of workforce related incentives and wanted to remind the businesses of additional resources that we have available to assist in recruitment, retention and growth.  Already existing services include:

  • Bowman County Videos
  • Bowman County Guides
  • Community Tours
  • Online Job Boards
  • Welcome Baskets
  • Rental Property List
  • Business Education Classes
  • Economic Assistance Programs
  • Childcare Assistance Programs


The new incentives are now available to employers and are designed to make a lasting impact for the business, the employee, and the economy of Bowman County.  Businesses can apply for more than one program, however there is a funding cap to an individual business of $15,000.


Career Advancement Program
Assistance for a current employee to pursue a certificate, license, or degree relevant to their role or a new role within the organization.


Workforce Tuition Reimbursement Program
A benefit for new hires to help pay for debt incurred from a certificate, license, or degree needed for their role the organization.


Workforce Relocation Reimbursement Program
A benefit for new hires to pay for moving expenses as they relocate to Bowman County for their career with a Bowman County organization.


Sign-on Bonus Program
Provides direct money to businesses to offer a sign-on bonus for new employees.


After previewing the new workforce programs, attendees discussed additional challenges and potential solutions.  There was also reminders of the many great amenities and opportunities that Bowman County does offer our current and new potential residents.  “The forum opened up opportunities for more discussion on solutions to workforce challenges. We feel the programs will be a great way to help businesses attract and retain employees.”  Doerr concluded about the impact and importance of the forum.


Full guidelines, details, and applications are available at  You may also Contact the Bowman County Development Corporation directly at 701.523.5880 or with any questions you may have.

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