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Workforce Recruitment

February 23, 2015

The many benefits of living, working and playing in Bowman County is easy to understand when you are here, but how does Bowman County share its story so that it can fill vacant positions?  The Bowman County Development Corporation is working to tell that story and tell of the many opportunities that are available for jobs and businesses in Bowman County through a workforce recruitment marketing campaign. 

Many job seekers are looking for more than just a position, they want quality of life for their families as well. The BCDC took that into consideration and ensured that living and playing in Bowman County.  A targeted effort, featuring a multi-faceted approach including social media, print advertising, signage, website, and car decals will be used to grab people’s attention.

The newly revamped website was the first step in making this campaign a feasible project for the BCDC.  The editing capabilities that are now available in-office create a current and up-to-date place for the workforce recruitment campaign to drive interested individuals to our jobs page.  The BCDC strives to have a current and comprehensive listing of available job openings in the county and encourages any businesses seeking to fill a position to notify the BCDC to have it added to the list.  

Distribution of the campaign is targeted at visitors and pass through traffic in the area.  Other specific elements of the workforce campaign include:
•    A Twitter account @GrowingBowman, focuses tweets about industry, job search tips, and other workforce related items and includes a link to the jobs page on the website.  
•    Table-Top Tents were distributed to area businesses to feature the great reasons to live and play in Bowman County.  The content will be updated seasonally.
•    Workforce ads were featured in local papers, encouraging students to join the local workforce.
•    The Growing Bowman County Facebook page posts about a huge variety of areas of interest focusing on the quality of life of Bowman.
•    To create a traveling advertisement, car decals were created and will be available to pick-up at the BCDC Office for those interested in helping with the campaign.
•    New signage is in the works for the BCDC Office highlighting the website.
•    Additional elements of the campaign continue to be added and executed as the campaign will actively continue through 2015.

There is a continued and steady history of low unemployment in Bowman County and high numbers of available jobs and a strong quality life.  The BCDC hopes these efforts can assist the business community in finding the necessary workforce needed and create a greater interest in all that Bowman County has to offer.