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Small burrito shop moves to Main Street

April 17, 2015

Small burrito shop moves to Main Street


It hasn’t been an easy few months for Dudley Day of .

By Bryce Martin | Pioneer Editor |

It hasn’t been an easy few months for Dudley Day of Bowman.

After being laid-off from his job at CTAP in Bowman, he knew he had to find another way to earn a living. It wasn’t until he started talking with some local people who urged him to open a restaurant in Bowman that he found his next calling.

Bandito Burrito opens on Main Street in Bowman. (Photo by Bryce Martin | Pioneer)
 opens on Main Street in Bowman. (Photo by Bryce Martin | Pioneer)

Thus, Bandito Burrito was born and it has been getting some pretty rave reviews. But it didn’t have an easy start.

Day and his son, Dustin, both originally from Arizona, had established a modest burrito business in their home at the corner of 1st Street and Highway 85. Suddenly one day a small open sign appeared in one of the home’s windows and it made people curious. Then an ad for the business showed up at a few places around Bowman. It wasn’t long until word of Day’s business spread on social media.

As fast as it appeared, however, the open sign was taken down — people again became curious.

A few weeks later Bandito Burrito popped up again, only this time in a more permanent location, just a block from Day’s home.

Located on the south side of Bowman Theatre, at the corner of Main and 1st Streets, stands the new home of Day’s burrito business.

Dustin and Day, who also put on the annual  in Bowman, found their niche in the burrito business, but neither have official culinary skills.

“I just experiment,” Day said. “If it’s not good, I just throw it out and start over.”

But his experimentation has roused several in Bowman already, with many people clambering to Facebook to give him high reviews.

For a while, the business survived on just that — word-of-mouth — so business was relative.

“Anybody I’ve talked to really likes it,” Day said.

It could be because of the passion Day puts into his business.

Day said sometimes he stays up until 3 a.m. cooking potatoes, seasoned with 12 special spices as he pointed out. And he’ll cook anyone a burrito at anytime.

“If you call me up at 2 a.m. and say you want a burrito, I’ll come here and make you one,” he explained.

He’s not joking. Though, his normal hours of operation are from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday and from 12:30 to 5 p.m. on Sunday.

Right now the small menu consists of two main items: a breakfast burrito, made with eggs, chorizo, potatoes and cheese, and an old west burrito, with egg, potatoes, sausage, ham and cheese. Both come in two different sizes (the large is pretty big). You can complete your meal with a dollop of salsa, sour cream and add a soft drink.

While it’s by no means an expansive menu, Day said his creed relies on quality, not quantity.

If his business venture ever takes off, Day said he’d like to transform it into a coffee shop. With his feet planted firmly on the ground right now, however, his biggest goal is to get enough business so he can begin expanding the menu.

Day’s merchandise, before he cooks it, grills it and warms it for the customer, comes from Uptown Bar and Grill in Bowman, which he said has really helped him delve into the food business.

His original home-based location didn’t work, so Day made a commitment to rent his present location. He’s fully licensed and takes proper health and safety measures to ensure his customers’ experience is all-around bueno.