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LinkND Identifies Bowman for Pilot Program: Community Impressions

August 04, 2015

A first impression of an experience, place, or person, is a key element in forming a lasting memory.  Location, services available, demeanor of those encountered and much more contribute to your first and often lasting impression.   Bowman grabbed the opportunity to be a part of the pilot program created by LinkND, to learn more about what a visitor experiences when they come to Bowman.  

According to the LinkND Community Impressions brochure, it will help communities learn about their strengths and weaknesses as seen through the eyes of a first time visitor.  Knowing about these strengths and weaknesses helps those who want to be proactive about the growth of their home communities and who want to make them more vibrant places to live and work.  
A group of 7 individuals, from Carrington, ND, were tasked with doing just that, profiling a Community Impression of Bowman.  Carrington provided their feedback at the July 20, Bowman Area Chamber of Commerce Membership meeting.  Comments were positive and focused on the great customer service, the feel of a bustling, active community, and great facilities available in Bowman.  They suggested updating and adding additional signage coming into the community and looking into a few retail businesses, quilt shop, bakery and steakhouse.  

A job well done, Bowman!  

The program will wrap up next quarter with the Bowman group presenting their findings in Carrington August 26.