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Empowering Leaders

February 23, 2015

Do you or someone in your organization want to expand their leadership skills?  A strategic focus on leadership may lead an organization in a variety of directions, all in the attempt to cultivate more individuals interested and prepared to take on leadership roles in organizations, businesses, and the community.  Empowering Leaders may be a great fit!  You can become a member of Empowering Leaders and learn more by calling 701.523.5880, email, visit or find a membership brochure at:

A series of meetings held throughout 2014 involved a core group of supporters and all helped to shape Empowering Leaders, creating a name, formal mission and goals.  Charged with a mission to provide professional and personal development opportunities while encouraging community engagement and creating a venue for networking, the steering committee selected the theme of Engagement for 2015.  “I’m excited about the new networks developed in the empowering leaders group and look forward to seeing positive community impacts,” added Andrea Bowman, steering committee member and Extension Agent, NDSU Bowman County Extension.  Eight meetings are planned throughout the year.  Members of Empowering Leaders can expect to gather for one hour over lunch, network, and have a short workshop provided to hone a skill and learn more about community.

Empowering Leaders is for all age groups and backgrounds and aims to foster leadership at all levels and years of involvement. According to Laura Weber, BCDC and Steering Committee Member, “Empowering Leaders is able to provide opportunities to develop skills, exposure to new people and ideas, and knowledge of community to the growing membership.  It is an energizing group of people to be around and regular gatherings will help to sustain that momentum and spread it throughout the community.”