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Chamber Planning Bold New Signage in Downtown Bowman

December 16, 2014

Photo by Bryce Martin.Pioneer

By BRYCE MARTIN | Pioneer Editor |

Construction crews were seen working the morning of Nov. 4 in front of the chamber’s building at the corner of Divide Avenue and Main Street in Bowman. Workers tore down the relatively new Wells Fargo sign that hung above the street corner in preparation for a new, large and bold sign to promote the chamber’s location.

Customers of Wells Fargo unfamiliar with the area often found it inconvenient when they would walk into the chamber office, thinking it was the bank, according to Cathy Hedge, executive secretary for the chamber.

The cause for that was the misleading signage placement.

Wells Fargo’s office is adjoined to the east side of the chamber building, but its signs previously extended across the entire scape of the building and wrapped around to face Main Street. It resulted in confusion for some.

The existing sign that highlights the location of the chamber and Bowman County Development Corp.’s entrance on Divide Avenue is a small, ambiguous square sign hanging above the chamber’s only entrance.

The plan is to scroll the address for the chamber’s website——around the building in large, orange lettering, according to Teran Doerr, executive director of the BCDC.

Doerr said the chamber is also working on a sign to place on the building’s chimney.

In addition to the new signs planned for downtown, new Bowman signs were placed at the four entrances and exits to the city of Bowman along Highways 85 an 12.

“The signage is part of a workforce campaign we are doing to push people to our website,” Doerr said. “The new signs are a great way to welcome visitors to our community.”

Doerr said the BCDC also hopes to do a billboard sign on the highways.