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Bowman Theater Considers Going "Community Owned"

November 15, 2016

In an effort to preserve this for years to come, the Bowman County Development Corporation will be pursuing the possibility of the Theater becoming “Community Owned.”

As businesses migrate out of downtowns in pursuit of larger spaces, it is imperative that communities preserve their downtown districts that serve as the heart of a community. A vibrant downtown is a sign of a community’s vitality.

Communities in our region such as Hettinger, Rugby, Mott and others have already gone to this model. They have found that in order to keep these businesses operating in rural communities and to compete with big box theaters, community owned is the answer for keeping the doors open.

Quality of life is ever being discussed as a need in order to retain people in rural communities. The continued operation of the theater in Bowman is a priority of the Bowman County Development Corporation and the area served. Quality of life and recreational opportunities are vital qualities to a rural community. As the economic climate changes in western North Dakota, maintaining these key attributes is imperative to preserve our culture.

The Bowman County Development Corporation will be assisting with the research and facilitation of potentially making the theater community owned. If you have any interest in serving on a committee for this project, please contact Teran at the BCDC at 701.523.5880 or