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Bowman Gateway Industrial Park

May 31, 2016

Planning is underway for the Bowman Gateway Industrial Park, which received the approval from Bowman County and the City of Bowman at the end of 2015. The Bowman County Development Corporation has taken the lead on the project as it fits the overall mission of the organization.

Due to the large scope of the project, the commissioners and BCDC weighed several options and spent over a year examining the many facets of the project before it was decided that this was a worthy investment for our community.   The overall circumstances provided an opportunity to capitalize on the project. "It took us almost a year to make our way through the feasibility of the project, and we believe this will be a great opportunity for Bowman,” said Julie Lockert, President of the BCDC.

Despite many players in the project, progress is being made. The Federal Aviation Administration is in the process of releasing the land for development, which will require the potential mitigation of wetland acres at the new airport site. The Bowman County Development Corporation is helping facilitate these efforts. No physical improvements can be made at the industrial park site until the release occurs.

In the meantime, the Bowman County Development Corporation is proceeding with annexation of the property and a Planned Unit Development (PUD).  A PUD will govern the zoning regulations put on the property. All zoning and PUD plans will go through a public hearing process. Design for the infrastructure, including roads, sewer and streets has been completed and is awaiting the bidding process. The Bowman County Development Corporation is committed to ensuring the property is developed in a manner that benefits Bowman County and its citizens. 

The Bowman County Development Corporation believes it is in the best interest of Bowman County for this project to be transparent.  If the public has questions about the project, the BCDC would encourage that you call them at 701.523.5880 or speak with one of the members of the board.