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Bowman County Holds Career Fair

November 05, 2014

This year a group of young leaders took initiative in creating more local job awareness. November 5th, a career fair was hosted at the Bowman County School to educate students on opportunities for finding their career right here at home. One steering committee member, Andrea Bowman, answered some questions on how it got started and what it’s about.

Q.  How did this idea get started?
A.   This year, during the Bowman County Leadership Short Course community needs were identified and small groups were formed to address those needs.  The Community Development group identified retention of young professionals as an area to address.  The group decided a career fair would be a way to promote professions and let students know about summer employment opportunities.  The group contacted the Bowman County High School Counselor and formed a partnership to put on a career fair in Bowman.

Q. What schools and ages were included?
A.  Both the Bowman County High School and Scranton High School attended. Students’ grades 9 through 12 were in the audience. 

Q.  Who was on the Steering Committee? 
A.   Bowman County School Counselor, Pam Fisher, and the Community Development Empowering Leaders Group; Billy Doerr, Shannon Hewson, Medora Stevenson, Sydnee Kidd and  Andrea Bowman were in charge of making this a reality.

Q.  Who presented at the Career Fair?
A.  Speakers included 38 professionals from Bowman County and surrounding areas who shared information on the career path they chose and what students can do in high school to prepare for a job in their profession. The career fair kicked off with a keynote address from Jackie Stebbins, attorney at law and 2002 graduate of Bowman County High School.  Students chose three sessions to attend and the event concluded with door prizes and a closing from Linae Bieber, Southwest Director, Career and Technical Education.

For more information on the Bowman County Career Fair, you can contact Andrea Bowman, Bowman County Extension Agent, at 701-523-5271.