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Bowman County Development Corporation Creates Impact on Community

July 29, 2014

~~Organizations are measured in a variety of ways, a successful event or fundraiser, support of the community, or monetary success. In 2013, the Bowman County Development Corporation (BCDC) decided to explore one tangible way to demonstrate the impact felt through its available programs and services. Not only track it, but share it with those that they serve. The ability to track verified impacts has increased with the capabilities and procedures of the Small Business Development Center (SBDC).


Funding opportunities are available through the BCDC to support entrepreneurs, existing, and expanding businesses in Bowman County. The SBDC assists in tracking investments individuals, other funding programs, commercial, and financial institutions make in Bowman County. Assistance with financial packaging is just one service the BCDC and SBDC offers clients. The SBDC/BCDC is able to track these clients’ contributions to the local economy in a confidential reporting process. The verified impacts must be submitted by the individual, financial institution, and/or program in order to be tracked. This data demonstrates that not only is the BCDC interested in investing in our economic health, but others are as well. Financial efforts are being made to keep businesses and bring new businesses to Bowman County.