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BCDC Current Activities

August 04, 2015

Community Development:

Community Impressions will wrap up next quarter with the Bowman group presenting their findings in Carrington August 26.  Carrington provided their feedback at the July 20, Bowman Area Chamber of Commerce Membership meeting.  Comments were positive and focused on the great customer service, the feel of a bustling, active community, and great facilities available in Bowman.  They suggested updating and adding additional signage coming into the community and looking into a few retail businesses, quilt shop, bakery and steakhouse. 

Empowering Leaders met in April to learn elements of John Maxwell Leadership from Deb Eslinger of the Center for Business and Technology.  She presented on Sometimes You Win Sometimes You Learn.  May we welcomed delegation from Watford City - Vawnita Best, McKenzie Co. Commissioner, Kristen Bolken - resident, Doug Bolken - Tourism Director, Watford City Councilman.  They provided great information on staying motivated in making your community what you want it to be.  The Steering Committee will be attending a leadership retreat and finalizing the fall 2015 schedule and 2016 theme.

Renaissance Zone new legislation has been passed to expand the Renaissance Zones by 10 blocks.  The committee is currently reviewing the best location for the expansion and will be presented at a public hearing. 

The Bowman-Slope Community Foundation had information available during registration of the All School Reunion held in Bowman July 24 – 26.  The Foundation has received a variety of donations, most recently, Dakota Western Bank committed $50,000 over 5 years.

Business Development:

RBEG work continues on assisting ABLE, Inc in understanding the feasibility of expanding their services as well as work space.  The IDEA Center has been contracted to conduct the study.

Focus Eye Care will be opening a branch in Bowman.  The BCDC has been instrumental in assisting Dr. James Trimble in finding an appropriate location and securing financing.

Industrial Park Feasibility is a major focus of the BCDC.  This project is an important element in working to diversify the economy, be competitive, and sustainability of economic development activities for Bowman County.  The findings of the feasibility study will be presented within the next month to the Bowman County Commission.

A revised Liquor Ordinance has been implemented in the community of Bowman.  After extensive research into other communities’ policies and guidance from a well-rounded committee, there is no longer a cap on the number of licenses, additional classes are available and a new fee structure has been set.

Workforce needs remain a concentration of the Bowman County Development Corporation.  The Workforce Recruitment Campaign is actively advertising available jobs in Bowman County and encouraging possible traffic to the listings on through the vehicle decals, ads, and table toppers.  Development continues on highway signage and other possible avenues of getting the word out that Bowman County is a great place to work and live.

Teran Doerr was named the recipient of the State Star Award from the SBDC.  She is the first non-regional director to receive this award. 



Highway Banners are in the final stages of formatting before going to print.  A simple design that draws attention to key points of interest in Bowman will be added to the lamp post brackets along Highway 85 and 12.

Area hotels received updated Hotel Guest Binders.  This program was a great success in its first year and information provided will continue to be updated yearly.

Bowman Tax & Tourism provided funding to assist in a Downtown Beautification initiative.  Flower pots and commercial benches were added along the downtown main street corridor.  A vibrant and attractive downtown speaks volumes about a community and creates a greater sense of place. 


The Bowman County Development Corporation takes advantage of opportunities to promote the activities of the office but also Bowman County as a whole.  Teran Doerr presented on the Workforce Campaign developed by the BCDC at the Economic Development Association of North Dakota Summer Conference.  ND Living will be featuring Bowman in its upcoming publication and Teran was a key contributor of information. 

The BCDC continues to join KPOK on a monthly basis to share the current happenings in Economic Development and available BCDC programs.


The Bowman County Development Corporation welcomes interaction with the citizens of Bowman County. Please feel free to stop by our office or reach out via phone or email if you have any questions.