Meeting Info

June 2, 2014 Meeting Minutes


Bowman County Development

June 2, 2014'

BCDC Office-12:00pm 

Present: Scott Hardy, Rick Braaten, Justin Wolbaum, Josh Lindstrom, Teran
Doerr, Lyn James, Karen Feist, Laura Weber, Julie Lockert, Kevin Bucholz, Duane
Bowman, Cathy Hedge (Secretary) 

called the meeting to order. 

Agenda: A motion was made by James to accept the agenda with a 2nd
by Feist. AIF MC 

Minutes: Braaten made a motion to accept the minutes with a 2nd
by Lockert. AIF MC 

Financial Report: Doerr presented the Financial Report. James
made a motion to accept the Financial Report as presented with a 2nd
by Lockert. AIF MC 

The PC
Dr. is closing at the end of the week. His current Micro Loan balance is
$624.26. Hedge will continue to send a bill for his account. If not paid by the
end of the year a 1099 will be filed. 

Old Business 

Housing Update: The Tax Increment Financing application was
approved for use at the City Commission meeting.  

Gaming Machines: Debbie and Teran attended the County
Commission meeting to request a loan for purchase of the new gaming machines.
The Bowman County Commission generously offered to purchase three of the
machines and suggested we ask the City Commission for the purchase of one. The
City Commission also agreed to purchase the other machine. Debbie will proceed
with getting them ordered.  

New Business 

Professional Development Training: Doerr worked on a budget for the Basic
Economic Development Course being held in Duluth the end of July. The estimated
cost will be $2300-$2500. Discussion was held. Bowman made a motion for the
funds to come out of the EDC budget with a 2nd by James. AIF MC 

Office Hours: The office hours are now Monday -Friday 8am-5pm.
Frontier Signs has been contacted about changing the signage on the door. 

Executive Director Report: The BCDC Monthly Activity Report was given by
Doerr. See attached. 

Website: Making progress on the website. Hope to be completed with this by
the end of June or beginning of July 

was held on resuming Eggs & Issues. The board suggested bringing it back in
the fall of this year.  

Motion to adjourn: Feist motioned to adjourn with a 2nd
given by Lindstrom. AIF MC