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October 2013 BCDC Monthly Activity Report

October 2013 BCDC Monthly Activity Report

For November 4, 2013 monthly BOD meeting



•·         Growing Bowman Facebook page up to 265 followers from 258 last meeting.  Facebook continues to be a great platform at minimal cost.

•·         Growing Bowman County Radio October Speakers: Cathy - Chamber events, Ali - SW Healthcare

•·         Website - Submitted edits to the initial draft of the site outline and received an update on the site outline and proposal from KK Bold.     

•·         E-Newsletter - Almost finished.  It will be going out early November. 

Community Development

•·         The Housing Authority is working with 1 property owner in Scranton and a press release has been drafted and is awaiting approval in order to begin promotion of the program.  The guidelines were printed in the paper.    

•·         Work has continued with the City Commission in implementing a TIF district.  We will be on their agenda again on the 5th to go over to go over the "Resolution for Necessity"

•·         35 individuals attended the Affordable Healthcare Lunch & Learn that we offered in conjunction with SW Healthcare.  

•·         The property that "The Landing" is located on has been transferred from the BCDC to LSS.  Deed has been filed at the courthouse.

Business Development

•·         RLND Short Course:  We continue to raise funds and finalize details for this program.  We have submitted applications to Agribank, Slope Electric, and Consolidated for financial support.  So far we have commitments from SW REAP, BCDC, and the Soil Conservation District.  We have started promoting and have already received a strong response for registration.

•·         A Developer's Packet is completed and will be used to promote development opportunity in Bowman County.

•·         Clients:  Finalized Micro-Loan Documents and made payment to Balanced Equine.  Repayment will begin January 2014.    We have met with 4 new clients this month.


•·         We ran advertisements for the Tourism position.  No applications were received.  Will need to reevaluate the program and decide how to move forward.

•·         Attended the EDND conference in Jamestown.  Teran and Lyn were panelists for the session titled - "Don't Let Growth Spook You."  Overall the conference was very informational and a great chance to network with other economic development professionals. 

•·         A sample contract has been drafted for exploring the option of contracting the BACC/BCDC position.  Both boards will need to review it and decide if they wish to move forward.













1st  Chamber Board

1st  Tax & Tourism

1st  City Commission - TIF

2nd SW REAP - Amidon

7th BCDC Board

7th All Seasons Arena

7th Scranton Public Hearing

8th Developer's Agreement Committee

9th RZ Meeting

15th County Commission

15th City Commission

21st Chamber Membership Meeting

22nd Developer's Agreement Committee

24th Vision West Webinar

25th SW Developers Meeting - Golva

25th Ag Banquet

28th - 30th EDND Conference - Jamestown

29th Affordable Care Act Lunch & Learn



4th BCDC Board

5th Chamber Board

5th Tax & Tourism

6th Developers Agreement

6th Chamber Membership Meeting

11th Veteran's Day - Closed

13th RZ Meeting

13th Economic Developer's Roundtable - Bismarck

14th SBDC Regional Meeting - Dickinson

14th Commerce Meeting - Bismarck

18th BCDC Board

19th Finance Outreach - Dickinson

20th Vision West Roundtable - Dickinson

26th SBDC Regional Director at Bowman Office


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