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December 2013 BCDC Monthly Activity Report

December 2013 BCDC Monthly Activity Report

For December 16, 2013 monthly BOD meeting



•·         Growing Bowman Facebook page up to 287 followers from 265 last meeting. 

•·         Growing Bowman County Radio November Speakers: Cathy - Chamber events, Chris Peterson - SW Healthcare, Teran - Vacant Homes Initiative & Leadership Short Course

•·         E-Newsletter - 430 emails received the newsletter on November 14, 2013.  The newsletter had a 52.3% open rate, additional details on the newsletter can be found in the included Newsletter Report.

•·         Another photo session was held with Turbiville Photography to continue to grow our photo library.  Top choices have been submitted and we are awaiting the final edits.

•·         Worked on a 2014 Marketing Plan to be included in the Partners in Marketing Grant.  Met with Ted Hanson from KK Bold to gather input. KK Bold suggested focusing more on the social media sites, twitter and Linked-In, as part of our overall marketing plan to drive individuals back to the revamped website.  We are looking to other communities to decide if this would be an effective use of our marketing dollars.  The purpose would be to drive everyone back to our website. 

•·         Partners in Marketing Grant:  Almost ready for submission.  Deciding on final budget and request.

Community Development

•·         TIF District:  City Commission approved the Resolution for a General Development Plan.  This outlines all the "powers" given to the City in regards to TIF Districts.  Created a map outlining the specific areas that could potentially be approved for a TIF District.   

•·          Laura and Teran were invited to be a part of the Extension Services Advisory Board for Bowman County.  We attended an annual overview and contributed ideas for areas of focus for 2014.

Business Development

•·         RLND Short Course:  The course curriculum and agendas are nearing finalization and we continue to receive registrations for the program, 6 individuals have registered thus far. 

•·         Laura attended the Finance Research Outreach program put on at the Strom Center by the SBDC.  There was a good representation of local developers and banks to learn about the many financial resources available for growing the economy in SW ND.

•·         Laura is working on formulating an official SBDC report for a monthly update on time and activity related to the SBDC. 

•·         Clients:  We have met with 1 new client this month.  Worked with a possible new non-profit in the area, secured Bal. Equine SW REAP funding, worked with construction related businesses and 8 continuing clients.  Time was also spent verifying appropriate tracking for each client has been completed.

•·         Meeting with business franchise.  Interested in opening new locations and looking for someone interested in management. 

•·         Dale's Clothing success story featured in "The Drill."


•·         Finalized the BCDC/BACC Employee Contract.  It was approved by both boards and Steve Wild.  As of 01/01/14 the Executive Secretary will be a full time Development Corporation employee contracted out to the Chamber.

•·         Teran conducted the employee evaluations for Laura and Cathy and the Executive Committee conducted the Director evaluation.  Board approved wage increases for 2014. 

•·         Teran attended the Department of Commerce Developer's Roundtable as well as their New Professional's Day. 

•·         Teran attended the Vision West Federal Roundtable with Commissioner Lynn Brackel. They are currently working on making edits to the Regional Plan.





4th BCDC Board

5th Chamber Board

5th Tax & Tourism

5th Bowman City Commission

11th Veteran's Day - Closed

13th RZ Meeting

13th Economic Developer's Roundtable - Bismarck

14th Commerce New Professional's Day- Bismarck

18th BCDC Board

18th Bowman County Extension Advisory Committee

19th Finance Outreach - Dickinson

19th City Commission

20th Vision West Federal Roundtable - Dickinson

26th SBDC Regional Director at Bowman Office

28th-29th Thanksgiving Vacation



1st    Poker Tournament

3rd   Chamber Board

3rd   City Commission

5th   SBDC Regional Conference Call

6th "The Landing" Construction Celebration

10th SBDC Regional Conference Call

11th Developer's Agreement Meeting

12th School Advanced Education Meeting

16th BCDC Board

16th All Seasons Meeting

17th SSBCI Annual Meeting - Mandan

25th Christmas Day


Project Short List

Marketing Campaign

Leadership Initiative

Entrepreneur Development Training



Long List

Workforce Recruitment Tools


Fall 2013 Newsletter Report - 12/2/2013

The Bowman County Development Corporation's Fall 2013 Newsletter was sent to 505 email addresses on November 14, 2013 at 4:10 PM.  Below summarizes the results of this marketing effort.

505 emails on mailing list

430 emails delivered

225 opened - a 52.3% open rate

83 clicks - 19.3% click rate


Past two newsletters:

Vol. 1 42.6% open rate

Vol. 2 47.9% open rate

Vol. 3 30.1% open rate


Articles in order of most clicks:

  1. BCDC Leadership
  2. Vacant Homes
  3. BCDC Pulse
  4. Economy at a Glance
  5. SBA Holiday Marketing tips
  6. Vision West
  7. TIF
  8. Available Jobs link
  9. Football Picture
  10. Bowman Co. Facebook Page

The newsletter link was also shared on the Growing Bowman County Facebook Page.

Overall it was a successful newsletter campaign.  We will continue to strive to include relevant and effective articles in the newsletter to up our opening rate.  I would like to increase open rate to 60% on our next distribution.  I strongly suggest, although it wasn't formatted as nicely, include pictures with articles.