Meeting Info

March 8, 2013 Minutes

Bowman County Development Corp

Meeting Minutes

March 8, 2013


Present: Scott Hardy, Justin Wolbuam, Mark Ballard, Ashley Alderson, Duane Bowman, Lyn James, Karen Feist, Kevin Bucholz,Teran Doerr, Cathy Hedge (Secretary)


Absent: Julie Lockert, Rick Braaten


Wolbaum called the meeting to order


Agenda: Add on Interim Director and if Ashley will be done as of her final day or if she will work from Wisconsin.


Minutes: A motion was made to accept the February 25th minutes. Scott 1st, Karen 2nd AIF MC


Old Business

Interim Director, compensation and hours and how things will proceed for Ashley. Have Teran track her time and compensate her appropriately. Position will stay at a 5 day position. Teran will go to 4 days and be on call Fridays after Ashley's last day. Lyn makes a motion to 1 day extra compensate at same salary as she is now. Karen 2nd AIF MC

Possible have Ashley as a consultant at hourly rate at a 60-90 day cutoff date. Possible hire Ashley as a consultant not an employee and that will make her a contractor. Ashley will summit a bill to the EDC if over $600 will give her a 1099 form. A motion was made by Mark to hire Ashley as a consultant for a 3 month time period at $25/hour or on a needed basis. Scott 2nd  AIF MC


New Business

Sarah Snavely talked about receiving a grant for $1600 this was used on a projector, screen & microphones. She thanked the EDC for the letter of support. It will be open to businesses in the community. They will have authors Skyping in and they can have discussion with the authors. They are hoping that it will be available within the month.


President-Justin-P, Duane VP, Julie-Secretary, Kevin-Treasurer, Scott makes a motion to keep all Executive positions as 2012 year, Mark 2nd  AIF MC


Theater lease details- A motion was made by Lyn to accept the lease as is and the equipment will not be installed until the Theater signs the lease. Pending lease is satisfactory to rural development. Duane 2nd AIF MC


Annual Report- will be printing 350


Chamber/BCDC new BOD positions, requires a change of Bylaws.-table for next meeting and come with wording for the next meeting.


SBDC is requesting $2000 we paid at first 600 in 2010, $1000 in 2011 & $2000. Nothing for 12 and now this year they are asking $2000. This is not included in our budget for this year. Mark makes a motion for a $1000 to be sent to the SBDC, since our budget is already set. Ask for a letter to be sent out at an earlier date so it can be included in the next year's budget.  Kevin 2nd AIF MC


Next meeting is March 18, 2013


Adjourn-Mark, Karen AIF MC