Meeting Info

March 3, 2014 Meeting Minutes

Bowman County Development Corporation

March 3, 2014

BCDC Office-12:00pm


Present: Scott Hardy, Mark Ballard, Justin Wolbaum, Duane Bowman, Teran Doerr, Josh Lindstrom, Kevin Bucholz, Karen Feist, Rick Braaten, Julie Lockert, Laura Weber, Cathy Hedge (Secretary)


Absent: Lyn James


Wolbaum called the meeting to order


Agenda: A motion was made by Feist to accept the agenda with a 2nd by Bucholz. AIF MC


Minutes: Lockert made a motion to accept the February 18, 2014 meeting minutes. Hardy 2nd AIF MC


Financial Report: Doerr presented the Financial Report. Ballard made a motion to accept the Financial Report as presented with a 2nd by Bucholz. AIF MC


Old Business

Housing Update: Doerr has been working on housing development.  Developers are still interested in Bowman, but finalizing an investment in the community takes time.  JD Mason is one developer still interested in Bowman and wants to work on a website to promote his possible development. Braaten stated that the County has closed on the Jesco Apartments and the Housing Authority now owns that property.


New Business.

2014 Appointment of Officers: Hardy made a motion to keep executive officers the same as 2013 year with a 2nd by Braaten. Discussion was held. AIF MC

RBEG Application: Doerr has been working with Mary from ABLE, Inc on a RBEG Application. They are looking at purchasing the Sears Building for more retail space. Doerr and Mary have an appointment this afternoon to discuss more of the details. Hardy made a motion that Doerr has the support of the Board of Directors to move forward with the RBEG application with a 2nd by Lockert. AIF MC


Executive Directors Report: The BCDC Monthly Activity Report was given by Doerr. See attached.


Gaming update: Need to look at buying new gaming machines as parts are becoming hard to find, possibly budgeting for a one new machine each year.  The cost of a new machine is $4500.


Open Forum

Museum Update: (Kevin Bucholz)

Park & Rec Update: (Duane Bowman)


Adjourn: Lindstrom motioned to adjourn with a 2nd given by Ballard. AIF MC