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Empowering Leaders


Bowman County Development Corporation
PH: 701.523.5880


Do you or someone in your organization want to expand their leadership skills, community knowledge and network? Empowering Leaders has a strategic focus on leadership to cultivate more individuals interested and prepared to be leaders in their organizations, businesses, community and lives.  All of this happens during lunch hour gatherings that occur once a month focusing on a variety of topics and ideas.

Want to learn more - Contact Laura at 701.523.5880 or 


PRODUCING LEADERS - Empowering Leaders 2018

JANURAY PROGRAM > Tuesday, January 23, 12 PM - NETWORK - The people you know may bring your project to tne next level.  Find out more about the importance of networking and hone your skills.

FEBRUARY PROGRAM Tuesday, February 27, 12 PMCONVERSATION - It is important to connect wiht your community and your region by helping to tell it's story.  Converse with fellow leaders about your connection and ways to make it stronger.

MARCH PROGRAM >  Tuesday, March 27, 12 PM - COACH - Helping people achieve what they want...without doing it for them...or telling them what to do.

APRIL PROGRAM > Tuesday, April 24, 10 AM - 2 PM - GET IT TOGETHER Extended Session - Organize your life with tips and ideas on planning, goal setting and align your mission with your actions.

A framework to get it together by using the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey. 1. Be Proactive * 2. Begin With the End in Mind * 3. Put First Things First * 4. Think Win-Win * 5. Seek First to Understand, Then to be Understood * 6. Synergize * 7. Sharpen the Saw

$35 for Non-Members
Please register by contacting Laura at 701.523.5880 or emailing

MAY PROGRAM > Tuesday, May 22, 12 PMFOCUS - Many things are vying for your attention, find ways to focus on priorities and create mindfulness in a great outdoor setting.

BURGERS IN THE PARK - Spend time with your neighbors and community on beautiful evenings at the Bowman City Park
- third Thursdays, 5 - 7 PM.  

May 17 * June 21 * July 19 * August 16 * September 20

OCTOBER PROGRAM > Tuesday, October 24, 12 PMLEAD - Leaders are all ages, backgrounds, and experiences.  Hear from a panel of leaders while connecting with emerging leaders.

NOVEMBER PROGRAM > Tuesday, November 28, 12 PM LEARN  - Facilitated Discussion on leadership book

DECEMBER PROGRAM > Tuesday, December 12, 12 PM - GIVE - Give back.  Learn of opportunities to partner with organizations and initiatives to better your community.


MISSION: To Provide professional and personal development opportunities while encouraging community engagement and creating a venue for networking.
MEMBERSHIP: $125 for a year membership.  Membership includes a meal at each program, guaranteed registration at each program and hand-outs.  
Attend an individual gathering for $20*.  Please RSVP to or 523.5880.  *April session will be an extended session and carry a $35 registration fee.


Empowering Leaders was created to provide continual development opportunities right in Bowman County.  Learn professionally and personally from speakers, facilitators and be introduced or further develop a variety of skills.  Empowering Leaders is also a great platform for integrating into the community by creating an opportunity to learn of ways to connect, build relationships, and become involved.  


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