Bowman Sheriff's Badge
The Bowman County Sheriff’s Office proudly displays a five point star as their badge. This star is a five point symbol of the philosophy of their office. The first point being INTEGRITY – We pledge to maintain a strong sense of honesty, morality, goodness, and ethical character. The second point is HONESTY – We pledge to always be truthful, sincere, upright and decent. The third point is CHARACTER – We pledge to maintain the highest ethical standards and honorable personal qualities. We wish to serve as role models for our youth, our communities and our profession. The forth point is HONOR – We pledge our honor of all citizens of our county and our nation. The fifth point is DEDICATION – We pledge our dedication of personal protection to our citizens of our county, state, and our country. We pledge to uphold the Laws of North Dakota and the Laws of the United States of America and to protect our citizen’s freedoms.