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Take a "Drive" with Kat Perkins

June 05, 2015


Pioneer Editor |

Want to take a with ?

Scranton native Perkins once again climbed the iTunes song charts this week as her second solo single since performing on ’s “” dropped June 2.

“Yesterday was incredible,” Perkins told the Pioneer on Wednesday. Perkins said she and her friends and family went nonstop from morning to night sending texts, tweets and Facebook posts to promote her new song.

And that work paid off as Perkins’ song ended Tuesday with a No. 22 spot on the iTunes top music charts.

“That’s insane for an independent artist,” she admitted.

Tuesday night also concluded with a special phone call from representatives of “The Voice.” They had taken notice of what Perkins accomplished in just one day with the release of her new single. That, she said curiously, could potentially lead to other opportunities with , NBC’s parent company.

“There may be something in the works with some sort of offer,” she said coyly.

Her musical mentor , front man of Maroon 5, also paid tribute to his protégé’s success. Perkins said she’d love the idea of one day touring with him and his band. It’s certainly not out of the question as the two have remained in contact since the show.

Last year’s single, “Fearless,” was about the message but her tune is transforming.

“Fearless” was meant to encapsulate what Perkins went through in 2014 while she competed on “The Voice”—she had to step over a line of fear before she could show the world her talent.

“Drive” switches gears for Perkins.

It was meant to be a fun summer song to capture the feeling of driving around, rolling the windows down and cranking the music, she said.

It also showed a turn in Perkins’ genre, which she considers pop-rock. “Fearless” was a relatively mellow ballad as “Drive” is a big, rock song with pop influences.

Perkins kept her fans on the edge leading up to the song’s release when she debuted a special, high-quality teaser video for the song that close-ups of Perkins and inside a convertible.

“Drive” and her hit single, “Fearless,” released last year, are a prelude to her highly anticipated solo self-titled. The date for her ’s drop is July 11, one day before she takes stage at the .

Perkins said the album gets influence from several musical genres including blues, pop ballads, and pop rock.

“We’re going to cover all the bases,” Perkins said.

That album will be available July 10 for download on iTunes and copies will be for sale during her performance at the fair.

Almost one year after her end on “The Voice,” Perkins said one thing she took from that experience was her style—having a “look.”

“It makes me feel good and it makes me feel like I’m representing my brand,” she said.