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Bowman County Courthouse
104 1st St NW
Bowman, ND 58623

Six new legs join the local Sheriff Department

September 13, 2019

Sheriff Frank Eberle (right) and Deputy Shaine Towe (left) swears in the new K-9 unit, Ruby, to the Bowman Sheriff’s Department

Two new members joined the Bowman Sheriff’s Department last week Tuesday. In front of the Bowman County Commissioners. Sheriff Frank Eberle swore in Ruby the K-9 and new Deputy Henry Head into service.

By Frank Turner

The new K-9 unit is a two-year old female chocolate lab. Ruby and her handler, Deputy Shaine Towe, just returned from the North Iowa K-9 School, ready to work in the field.  Now that their training is finished, Ruby and Shaine will be able to detect narcotics, conduct items searches and assist in seeking missing persons.

According to Eberle, the new dog will help the department combat drug use in the Bowman area.

“Ruby is ready for service now and my office is very excited to see what Ruby brings our community,” said Eberle. “I am very optimistic Shaine and Ruby will defeat and deter those who choose to market drugs in Bowman County and surrounding areas.”

Deputy Henry Head was also sworn into the department on Tuesday. Head said that Deputy Towe introduced him and his family the Bowman area. After having positive interactions with the local Sheriff’s Department’s staff and Sheriff, Head decided to move to the Bowman area from Harvey, North Dakota. Head said that his wife and family are moving to the area soon.

“My wife and I decided it was time for a change. We wanted to go to a small community, and we are really into hunting and the outdoors,” said Head.

Head has over 11 years of experience in law enforcement in the North Dakota area. Although he just moved to the area, Head said that he has felt very welcome in the area.

“I’ve been here about three days, but so far I’m really impressed,” said Head. “It’s beautiful around here and I’m really fitting in well with the Sheriff’s Department.”