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Senator Bowman will not seek reelection

February 02, 2018


Sen. Bill Bowman, -Bowman


Staff Report

“I will not seek another term to the North Dakota State Senate,” Bowman said in a statement.  “After 28 years I feel it is time for me to step aside, because it will be in my best interest and the people of District 39.”

Bowman was elected to the North Dakota State Senate in 1990.  In his first three legislative sessions, he served on the Human Services and Agricultural Committees and served as chairman of the Agricultural Committee during the 1995 session.  He was appointed to the Senate Appropriations Committee in 1997 where he served eleven sessions and became Vice Chairman.  Bowman was a fiscal hawk and always advocated for a balanced budget and responsible spending in government.  He always went the extra mile digging into the budgets that were assigned to his sub-committee.  He always wanted to make sure the spending was appropriate and served the best interests of the people of North Dakota.

A tireless advocate for the cities, townships, schools and counties in Oil and Gas Country in Western North Dakota, Senator Bowman was constantly working for adequate funding to deal with impacts from energy development. He served as a Bowman county commissioner and understood the challenges of local government.  Bill never let legislators forget that part of the 5 percent Oil and Gas Gross Production Tax was promised to local political subdivisions as in lieu of property tax by the State of North Dakota in return that the political subdivisions would not tax the oil and gas.

Agriculture, the backbone of the North Dakota’s economy, was important to Bowman and he was a leader advocating for quality research in agriculture.  The Beef Centers of Excellence, state of the art green houses and diagnostic lab at North Dakota State University became reality because of Senator Bowman’s efforts.  He was a champion for 4-H, Extension and the NDSU Research Centers located in key areas of North Dakota.

Bowman was a tenacious football player when he played in the Army and at Dickinson State University, always playing with a lot enthusiasm, and he served the people of District 39 with that same enthusiasm and dedications for 28 years.

“Senator Bowman was a loyal public servant to the people of North Dakota and his constituents in District 39, we will all miss  Bill”, stated Majority Leader Senator Rich Wardner.