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Rhame gets its SW Water and drinks it, too

October 03, 2014

By BRYCE MARTIN | Pioneer Editor |

Last week marked an abrupt, presumable end to Rhame’s Southwest Water connection saga.

In a swift move, not even known by city officials, Southwest Water Authority turned on the connection between its water supply and Rhame’s pipelines shortly after 9 a.m. Sept. 25.

It came as a surprise to Rhame City Auditor Margie Russ.

While Russ declined to further comment on the situation, Russ informed Jen Murray, executive assistant with Southwest Water, that she and other city officials were unaware that the connection would be completed that morning.

Last month, Russ told the Pioneer that the city commissioners planned to wait to turn on its Southwest Water connection until spring, to avoid possible leaks due to Rhame’s frail water pipes.

“According to the water service contract, nothing has changed,” Murray told the Pioneer last week.

Murray said in an email that she was unaware Russ was not informed of the connection.

At that time, Lynn’s Backhoe, the contractor, completed installation of the pipe, the lines were pressure tested, chlorinated and passed bacteriological testing.

The company’s water distribution manager informed Southwest Water that he was in contact with Jeremy Stotts, Rhame’s maintenance person. According to Russ, he was the only one informed ahead of time.