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RHAME: Mayor to resign, city auditor says

September 05, 2014

By BRYCE MARTIN | Pioneer Editor |

It was announced this week that Rhame Mayor Dennis Walser will step down from his position with the city effective Sept. 8, according to Rhame City Auditor Margie Russ.

Walser became mayor in 2012 and announced prior to this year’s primary election in June that he wouldn’t seek re-election. Following the election results, however, Walser decided it was in the best interest of the city that he continue his leadership role when no other candidates ran for the office.

It was an especially difficult year for Walser as the city of Rhame was continuously and publically periled by various events throughout its dealings with Southwest Water Authority, while the city attempted to establish a connection to its water pipeline.

While the pipeline project pushed forward under Walser’s leadership, and has since been completed, Russ confirmed that Walser would announce his exit from the mayoral spot Sept. 8, at the city’s upcoming regular board meeting.

“I think [Walser] is just kind of tired of politics,” Russ told the Pioneer on Tuesday. “There’s always a lot going on in Rhame.”

Russ called Walser’s early departure unfortunate. “He was a really great mayor,” she added.

Though she would have to research the next step, Russ said the job of mayor would likely fall to one of the current city commissioners until an election is held.

Walser could not be reached for comment by the time this article went to print.