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New community website touts Bowman County

August 29, 2014


By BRYCE MARTIN | Pioneer Editor |

If you’ve visited within the last week, you’ve probably noticed some pretty big changes.

If you haven’t visited the page, you probably should soon.

The Bowman County Development Corp. announced the launch of its website’s top-to-bottom redesign last week, updating the site to include more in-depth community information and interactivity.

“If you’re moving to a community, this is the first thing you’ll see,” said Teran Doerr, executive director of the BCDC.

Bowman’s website is unique in that it houses related topics for the cities of Bowman, Scranton, Rhame and Gascoyne, the county and the chamber under one site. Doerr said most communities in North Dakota have separate web pages for each, but having them under one roof, so to speak, adds cohesiveness and translated into more page views.

With the new site, the BCDC is able to do more workforce recruitment with the site’s up-to-date Twitter feed full of available local job listings. Social media, according to Doerr, is crucial when marketing a town to potential residents or workforce, adding that it’s a great way to get out and talk with the community.

The colorful, smartly designed site, created by KK Bold of Bismarck, showcases most of what a person would need to know about Bowman County, including listings of all the area’s businesses, local events, visitor information and local news.

The site also spans the entire web browser window when viewed on a desktop computer, compared with the previous site’s minimized appearance.

“It’s a really great site,” Doerr said. “It’s going to go a long way to support the community and local business.”

The site will also serve well to expand the visibility of Bowman County for potential families considering a move to the area, so as to be better and more completely scrutinized.

There also is an interactive community forum, called Bowman County Talk, where anybody can logon and ask a question or make a comment. It promotes a helpful and healthy dialogue amongst the community, Doerr said.

Representatives of the BCDC and chamber, who also will be responsible for most of the interactivity and engagement, monitor the content and are able to edit it the site’s information when necessary.

An editing capability was needed by the BCDC for the backside of the previous website design, but their previous configuration just wasn’t meeting the needs for the growing community interest, Doerr explained.

The updated website will also be mobile formatted, which means anyone using a mobile device will experience a smooth transition and look from the website’s traditional desktop view.