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New ambulance garage construction on schedule

February 27, 2015

Construction has intensified at the site of the future Bowman Ambulance garage. (Photo by Bryce Martin | Pioneer)
Construction has intensified at the site of the future Bowman Ambulance garage. (Photo by Bryce Martin | Pioneer)

By Bryce Martin | Pioneer Editor |

It took Bowman Ambulance a while to find a new location for its ambulance garage. That process was completed last summer and gave way to groundbreaking in the fall.

Since then, the site has been very active.

Dan Peterson of R&L Construction in Bowman serves as the general contractor for the project. His crews have been working throughout the winter to raise the walls of the new facility, which should be completed at the end of next week, according to Peterson. The whole project is tentatively scheduled for completion at the end of May.

The foundation of the building was poured around Halloween, just in time for winter’s approach. It was then covered and rested for a bit before crews began erecting the beams for the garage.

Peterson said they weren’t sure if the property was owned when they poured the concrete, but since everything has come into place, according to Southwest Healthcare Services CEO Becky Hansen. Southwest Healthcare contracts its emergency transport services to Bowman Ambulance.

The new garage will have four ambulance bays, one of which is a wash bay for the rigs. It will also house a large classroom area, used by Bowman Ambulance to host CPR classes and SWHC’s various classes for its staff and the community. Those formerly were held in the existing site’s bays.

There will also be some offices and future rooms that could be turned into living quarters for crews that need to stay overnight and a kitchenette.

Plans are presently unknown for the existing garage’s future, but Hansen indicated the hospital could use it for storage, which she said is always a need. Retaining it is always a possibility, she said.

The current garage’s location, on 1st Street SW surrounding the Tot Lot childcare center and across from Roosevelt Elementary, was a problem when rigs needed to make a quick exit for an emergency.

“Anyone that thinks that (the new location) is not a very good location needs to go by the ambulance building at 3:15 p.m. and see what it would be like to get out of there in an emergency,” Peterson said.

The exterior of the garage will feature three feet of stone from the bottom, similar to Ace Hardware or Subway in Bowman, and vertical steel colored in coordination with the new Bowman Lodge, the garage’s next-door neighbor. The color has been discussed to be along the lines of soft, earth tones.

“It’s going to look nice,” said Allison Englehart, marketing director for Southwest Healthcare.