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Fisher, Eberle win primary

June 15, 2018

By Chris Slone

“It’s wonderful. I’m very thankful to the people that stepped up and supported us in this campaign,” Eberle said.

Fisher was the top vote getter with 425. Eberle tallied 388 votes. Jason Dodge received 294 with Doug Langhoff receiving 77 votes.

“It really feels great. I’m really thankful to everyone who came out and voted,” Fisher said. “Whether they voted for me or not, it’s the right thing to do as an American. I’m just very happy that people went out and voted. A lot of men and women gave their lives for us to have the right to vote and so, I’m very thankful people showed up and cast their vote today.”

While they were both thrilled to pick up the victory, Eberle and Fisher said the celebration would be short lived.

“I’m pretty much thinking ahead. I just want to continue on the path that I’m going. I just hope that I can convince more voters that I am trying to do the right thing,” Eberle said.

Fisher said he’s going to be gone a couple of days before he gets back in the swing of things.

“In the next couple of days, my wife and I are heading to Fargo to go through some adoption stuff,” Fisher said. “We’ve been looking at adopting a child. We’re going to be doing that, but as soon as I get back from that, it’s going to be right back to campaigning. My biggest thing is from day one, I’ve said I’m not a politician, I’m a law-enforcement officer. I’ve stuck to that, so I want to hear from the people of Bowman County and hear what they want out of the sheriff’s office. At the end of the day, it’s the tax payers and the voters, it’s their office.”

Other notable results

Camie Janikowski picked up 801 votes to retain her Bowman County School Board seat over Dan Peterson (166 votes) who previously held the seat but resigned earlier this year. Peterson wasn’t able to remove his name from the ballot in time of the election.

Jim Stafford (579 votes) and Randy Gaebe (483) votes were newly elected to the Bowman County School Board.

Bowman School District Measure No. 1 (publication of school minutes) passed with 925 votes. Bowman City Measure No. 1 (renewal of the 1 percent healthcare tax) passed with 425 votes. Bowman City Measure No. 2 (1 percent sales tax for Bowman Parks and Recreations for capital improvements) passed with 331 votes.

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All results are considered unofficial. Election results won’t be finalized until Monday, June 18.