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Denbury making moves to ready CO2 flooding in county

November 06, 2015


A carbon dioxide injection site used for CO2 flooding of an oil reservoir.
A carbon dioxide injection site used for CO2 flooding of an oil reservoir.

Pioneer Editor |

Oil giant Resources Inc. is making moves on its plans for a future in . But they are small moves.

The Texas-based company was granted a Oct. 3 by the Board of Commissioners that will ultimately be used to secure electricity connections for future sites in the area.

Ross Campbell, manager of industrial relations for Denbury, told the Pioneer that obtaining the permit was one of many stages in the company’s plan to flood existing oil in the county with carbon dioxide. That plan was first announced two years ago.

“(The permit) will be for CO2 flooding in the future, like many years down the road,” Campbell said. “We just wanted to get the permit to get power to where we think we might need it in the future.”

The permit allows for the company to bore under Sunset Butte Road in the western part of the county.

Denbury, which has a field office in , has had an overall reduction in its spending plans for this year. More recently, the company faced even more reductions as a result of below-average oil prices.

“What we’re trying to do is make sure that we have the permits at hand to get back to work when prices come back to a more normal level that allows us to make an economic return,” Campbell explained.

With the planned CO2 enhanced oil recovery, Campbell said they have to be much more thoughtful about what the future potentially could need. But the process is a long one. That’s due to the extensive infrastructure necessary for such an operation.

It’s a more involved commitment for the long-term compared to fracking.