Bowman County

Housing Authority to Begin Vacant Homes Initiative

May 15, 2012

TO: Bowman County property owners

RE: Bowman County Vacant Homes Initiative Dear Property Owner,


With booming development in North Dakota's energy industry, our community is experiencing a demand for housing and infrastructure like never before. Daily, community leaders, business owners and real estate professionals are receiving calls and inquiries about available housing. Unfortunately many callers get the same answer hearing that there is little available, especially rental property.


While we have many local job opportunities and are in close proximity to the Bakken for commuters, uniquely we are still a quiet, clean, safe choice for families looking for the quality of life amenities that western North Dakota is known for.


Our community has a tremendous opportunity, but we need your help.


The Bowman County Housing Authority is looking for vacant, unimproved or uninhabitable houses on marketable lots that have water and sewer services in place. We are willing to purchase such homes to clear the property for re-development.


We understand that paying close to $10,000 for the demolition of property and adding that to the sale price of a lot does not make the purchase financially feasible for developers. With that in mind, we have a program in place to pay fair market value for homes, take care of demolition and still keep the selling prices reasonable knowing that the construction of a new home will add value to the community.


This opportunity is a win-win for the community and property owners alike. Property owners no longer have to pay taxes or maintenance expenses on unused property while lots are opened up for development that have infrastructure in place for new construction.


We realize that homes are left vacant for a number of reasons. It may be sentimental, lack of time, lack of money or just not realizing the potential for re-sale a property may have.


Some vacant homes in our community are still in great shape. If you are interested in selling, we recommend talking to a professional real estate agent.


There is great potential for growth and you may play a big part. Please contact the Bowman County Development Corporation, 523-5880 or any Housing Authority member for more information on this initiative.



Bowman County Housing Authority & Bowman County Development Corporation