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Bowman City Planning and Zoning

Cheryl Ryan, AICP, Planning and Zoning Administrator

Welcome to the City of Bowman Planning and Zoning web page.  This site provides access to Bowman’s Land Development Code, the Comprehensive and Transportation Plan, applications for development requests, and the agendas and minutes of the Planning and Zoning Commission meetings.  Should you need any assistance with these documents, please stop by my office or call one of the numbers under the contact information at the left of this page.

Planning and Zoning Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Planning and Zoning Commission and Planning and Zoning Administrator to protect and promote the health, safety and general welfare of all citizens and neighborhoods of the City of Bowman through the professional administration and equitable enforcement of the City of Bowman’s zoning code and ordinances.  Similarly, it is also the Commission and Administrator’s mission to simultaneously maintain an atmosphere for business and industry to thrive by assisting developers and businesses in achieving compliance with the laws and policies adopted by the Bowman Planning and Zoning Commission, City Commission and those of the state and federal legislatures.


City Planning & Zoning Minutes

August 08, 2014

City of Bowman Minutes of the Planning

And Zoning Commission Meeting

June 9th, 2015

The Bowman Planning and Zoning Commission met June 9, 2015 at 5:30 at Bowman City Hall.  Commissioners Rock Tarter, Darwin Wilke, Chuck Whitney, Warren Flath, Carol Vail, along with Scott Hardy, variance applicant, and Cheryl Ryan, City Planner.  Commissioner Wilke called the meeting to order.   

The Chairman opened the public hearing for Case No. LDC14-008.  Scott Hardy requested a variance to exceed the required side wall height of 8 feet by an additional 2 feet for a total of 10 feet, and to exceed the allowable square footage of 200 square feet for a shed by an additional 75 square feet for a total of 275 square feet.  The site is zoned R-1 (single family residential).

The location of the property is 46 Street, SW and is more particularly described as the east 1/2 of lot 7, block 41 of the Milwaukee Land Company's second addition.

Commissioner Flath moved we approve the request, and Commissioner Whitney seconded.  The motion Carried.

Minutes were reviewed.  Commissioner Tarter’s name had been omitted from the previous minutes which was corrected.

Commissioner Flath moved we adjourn.  Commissioner Tarter seconded the motion and the meeting was adjoined.

Carol Vail, Secretary and Commissioner

City Planning & Zoning Agenda

March 10, 2015
5:30 pm

If you have any questions regarding this agenda, please call 701-523-7627 or 701-523-7627
Cheryl Ryan, AICP, Zoning Director
Bowman City Hall
101 First Street Northeast
Bowman, ND 58623
Darwin Wilke, Chair  
Warren Flath, Commissioner
Barry Mason, Commissioner  
Rock Tarter, Commissioner  
Carol Vail, Commissioner, Secretary
Chuck Whitney, Commissioner


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*Items on the agenda may be taken out of order to reduce the public’s wait time for public hearing items.

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