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Bowman City Commission


City Commission Minutes

October 07, 2014
4:00 pm

Minutes of the Regular City Commission meeting held on October 7, 2014, at City Hall at 4:00 PM.

Present:  Lyn James, Darren Limesand, Darrell West, Chuck Whitney, Chuck Headley, Peggy Allen, Bill Mason, Todd Hofland, Jon Brosz, and Kevin Bucholz.

President James called the meeting to order at 4:00 pm.  Allen asked to add SWHC Energy Impact grant to the agenda.  Motion by Sondeland, second by Limesand to approve the agenda as presented with the addition of SHWC Energy Impact grant approval.   RCV= all aye, MC.

Checks: # 7923 – 7982; Payroll Checks: #103217-103219; Salaries: $1,629.46; Voided Checks: #7883; Direct Deposit: $27,595.32; Bills:  Respond Systems $130.66, Postmaster $363.12, A2Z Printing $283.75, Able $24.00, Alco $10.98, All Seasons Arena $2,700.00, Art Johnson $84.75, Black Mountain $1,880.00, Bowman Auto Parts $123.75, Bowman Chamber of Commerce $970.00, BCDC $5,903.13, Bowman Sales and Service $24.99, Brosz Engineering $4,190.00, Bullseye Sporting Goods $572.00, Carmel’s Cleaners $120.96, Charles Whitney $285.89, Chip Fischer $3,776.00, CM Services $1,400.75, Consolidated Telecom $945.90, Country Media $774.36, Dacotah Paper $155.13, Dakota Dust-Tex $80.40, Dakota Supply Group $163.06, Darrel West $285.89, Diamond H Services $300.00, EHC, LLC $33,530.65, Fallon County Treasurer $5,953.25, Farmer’s Union $1,469.58, Fidelity Security Life $175.43, Grand Hotel $710.00, Hawkins, Inc. $633.75, Headless Horseman Series $300.00, Heick’s Service $200.00, Jodi Olind $775.00, Kens Super Value $8.78, KPOK $40.00, Lasting Visions $35.00, Lyn James $495.49, Marsha Schaff $150.00, MDU $7,919.04, Morrison-Maierle System $840.00, ND Dept. of Health $75.00, Newby’s Ace Hardware $241.96, Northwest Tire $110.91, One Call Concepts $30.80, Peggy Allen $304.52, Pioneer Trails Museum $1,500.00, Ray’s Filters $362.70, Ray’s Repair Service $424.31, Sadowsky and Wild $200.00, Scott Biggs $38.50, SW Ag $53.00, SBM $1,284.28, SWHC $149.00, SW Auto Supply $31.01, SW District Health Unit $120.00, Tequila Showdown $300.00Washington National Inc. $55.20, West Plains Implement $148.92, and WEX Bank $6,505.40.


Curb and Gutter:  The curb and gutter on 7th Avenue SW and 3rd St. SW, will be replaced next week as it is in need of repair.  The street crew has hauled 944 yards of sand purchased from Chip Fischer. 

Fall Branch/Wood Pick-up:  The week of October 27th will be branch/wood pickup throughout the city.  There will only be three guys picking up the wood because Mason will be reading water meters.  Whitney would like to help one full day and a few half days during the branch pickup, but McGee informed him that he will not be covered under workman’s compensation if he should get hurt.  The commission wants this fall branch pick-up advertised in the Finder two times and the Pioneer once due to time schedule. 

Fall Branch/Wood Pick-up Week Policy:  Free landfill access to dispose of trees, branches, white ware and other acceptable items except tires.  The crew will be picking up ONLY wood items and branches.  All items must be set out in the alleys by October 27.  The city crew will start on the east side and move to the west side and will not back track.  Free access to the landfill will be for the week of October 27th to the 31st, excluding tire disposal.  Motion by Whitney, second by Sondeland to establish a fall cleanup week, trees braches and wood products only for 10/27/14 – 10/31/14 that we allow free access to our inert site for residents for acceptable items, and disposal of tires at the regular fee.  RCV= all aye, MC.

Landfill:  A contractor is going to start moving the teardown materials from the old Slope County courthouse to the city landfill.  They have tandem trailers for shingles but the wood would be a side dump trailer.  They will start on the 20th with the shingles.  Johnson and Hofland were given permission from the commission to negotiate a fee for the side dumps. 

The landfill will stay open until the first snowfall. 


Winter Preparations:  Mason has been busy preparing the sprinkler systems, campground water hydrants and fire hydrants for winter.

 11th Ave. SW Valve Repair:  JK Excavating worked on the 11th Avenue valve repair.  The meter pit on west side of 11th sat in ground water and there was no valve outside the meter pit which has now been remedied.  There was a question on whose responsibility it is to maintain the fire hydrants and Mason said it is the city’s responsibility.  Mason attended training in Medora which included fire hydrants.  Mason flushes the hydrants before every winter to prevent freeze-up. 


Traffic Selective:  The area law enforcement conducted a four hour traffic selective that led to 37 warnings, five traffic citations, and one arrest.  The sheriffs shoot no shoot training is being rescheduled to 10/16/14.  Chief Headley spoke at Tot-Lot to the children about safety and police officers.  The meeting with the fire department will be on 10/13/14.  Chief reviewed some of the PD case load:  felony case testimony, terrorist threat, felony burglary, and felony gross sexual imposition with a minor.


8th Ave. NW Water Main Project:  JK Excavating was here Friday and finished work on bid alternate B of the 8th Avenue NW water main project.  There will be a final bill for this project for the next meeting. 

5th St. SW Project:  Brosz presented the final payment request for 5th Street SW in the amount of $33,530.65 along with change order #2.  $513,992.05 is the final project cost, meaning it was completed under the bid by $63,753.60.  There was one concrete patch that didn’t test to standard located by the Bowman Ready Mix approach.  Structurally, Brosz said the test is more than adequate, and the contractor which is EHC, LLC, will go an additional one year for a total of a two year warranty on that patch of concrete.  The change order is only for the additional one year warranty.  EHC feels if there will be a problem, it will show up after a frost or two, therefore giving the road an additional year of warranty.  Motion by Whitney, second by Limesand to approve the change order and the final payment request of $33,530.65 for 5th St SW to EHC, LLC.   RCV= all aye, MC.

Safe Routes to School/Sidewalks Project Update:  Solicitations will be sent out this week to start the process and May 15, 2015 will be the bid opening.  A question was asked of Brosz about removing the trees in the path of this project that have been noted as dead or diseased.  Brosz said it will not jeopardize the grant if we have the trees removed prior to the bidding of the project.


Adding the 5th refuse employee will help with the refuse department overtime.  There was discussion on grass clippings pick-up.  McGee suggested suspending this idea for a year so we can gauge overtime.  The commission agreed to get the 5th employee hired and see how it effects the overtime and after a year gauge if there will be enough time to add a grass clippings service.


Tree Ordinance:  The commission reviewed the sample ordinance.  Allen will ask Joel Nichols at NDSU Forestry Service to be our city forester. Maybe we need to include MDU, Slope Elec., and the city sewer dept. in reviewing of the tree ordinance.  Every year we should budget $10,000 for diseased/dead tree removal and if the city doesn’t use it, the funds will get banked in the fund.  This fund will have a cap set and if it reaches the cap, no funds will have to be budgeted for the following year.  Allen will bring back the tree ordinance to the first meeting in November.

Diseased and Dead Trees:  A tree removal contractor has been in town removing trees and Whitney received a quote from them to remove some of the dead/diseased trees.   Whitney suggested marking the trees that need removal with Joel Nichols’ supervision to insure the contractor cuts down the correct trees.  The estimate from Waddington Boom Truck is for $4,350.00 with free use of landfill for tree debris and no stump removal. Whitney will get an estimate to do the other trees.  Motion by Whitney, second by Sondeland to accept Waddington Boom Truck’s quote on Oct 6th for the removal of 27 diseased trees for a total of $4,350.00 with the understanding that Waddington is not removing stumps and no landfill fees for tree debris.  RCV= all aye, MC.  Waddington will begin on Oct. 20th.

The city will need to compensate others that have already had their dead/diseased trees removed that were identified on the dead/diseased tree list by NDSU.  Whitney will notify property owners that have trees that will be removed.  Whitney and Nichols will mark the other trees that were identified and check a few more suspected trees and obtain a quote for removal.

Commissioners Training: Allen learned that other cities pay their commissioners to attend training meetings and asked the city commission if they would like to be paid to attend training.  They all declined.

SW Night at the Legislature Ticket Update:  Allen was asked to find out what additional tickets would cost for this event.  Allen explained that the city only has to do one sponsorship and then each additional ticket would be $35.00.  Allen will ask again the commission in January who would like to attend.

Missouri Rivers Stakeholder Meeting:  Allen asked if anyone would like to attend this meeting and they all declined.

Fire Department Energy Impact Grant:  Allen informed the commission that the energy impact grant for the fire department had been denied due to funding and amount of grant requests from other entities.

SWHC Energy Impact Grant:  SWHC is requesting reimbursement for the EMT training grant that they received in 2012 from the Energy Impact Grant office and Allen asked for approval to send in the reimbursement paperwork.  Motion by Limesand, second by Whitney to approve the SWHC training grant reimbursement.  RCV= all aye, west abstained, MC.

Raffle Permits:  Allen presented three raffle permits for approval.  Motion by Limesand, second by Whitney to approve the raffle permits for the Catholic Daughters, Bowman Rotary and SWHC GSO.  RCV= all aye, MC.


Bowman Alley Sweep:  Whitney questioned removing branches on the trees in the alleys because they are brushing against the garbage trucks.  Kromarek and Whitney drove through the alleys making a list of what needed to be trimmed.

G and G Garbage:  Whitney informed the board that G and G Garbage is meeting with Brosz, Hofland, garbage crew and Whitney tomorrow.  No motion was made at the budget meetings to do this service, there was only discussion. 


2nd Reading of Douglas Peterson/Bowman Lodge, LLC Annexation Ordinance:  James read the second reading of the annexation ordinance for Bowman Lodge LLC.  Hearing no opposition, motion by Whitney, second by Limesand to approve the annexation ordinance 2014-2ANX for Douglas Peterson/Bowman Lodge, LLC.  RCV= all aye, West abstained.

2nd Reading for the Renewal of the Slope Franchise Ordinance #14-0108:  James read the ordinance for a 20 year franchise ordinance renewal.  Hearing no opposition, motion by Whitney, second by Limesand to approve ordinance #14.0108 enabling Slope Electric Coop to renew their franchise agreement with the city.  RCV= all aye, MC.

Mike Dougherty SWHC BOND ISSUE

SWHC Public Hearing for Bond Issue and Resolution:  By going through the city for the issuance of their bonds, it allows SWHC to reap the benefits of the tax exempt low interest rates.  This is interim financing until the long term loans start.  This bond issue is for up to $16 million. 

Motion by Whitney, second by Sondeland to approve the resolution #2014-F-5 allowing the issuance of SWHC bonds not to exceed $16 million maximum.  RCV= all aye, MC, west abstained. 


Motion by Whitney, second by Limesand to approve the payment of the bills and 9/16/14 meeting minutes.  RCV= all aye, MC.

Motion by Limesand, second by West to adjourn the meeting at 6:22 pm.  RCV= all aye, MC.


City Commission Meeting Agenda

October 21, 2014
4:00 PM

Agenda for City Commission Meeting on Tuesday,

October 21, 2014

At City Hall 4:00 PM


*Agenda Policy*:  The City follows a strict agenda policy in order to insure transparency to the citizens of Bowman.  NO topics will be discussed that are not on the agenda unless said topic constitutes an emergency action.


 4:00  -  4:10 PM Call Meeting to Order, Approval of Agenda, and Commissioners Review of Bills

 4:10  -  4:30 PM Department Heads Report :  Brosz 8th Ave Water Main Project and FEMA Letter               

 4:30  -  4:50 PM Teran Doerr – Pace Resolution and BCDC Update

  4:50 -                Ron and Ardis Kraulik Relinquish Liquor License (Hawks Landing) to Kara Longland (Uptown Bar and Grill)




City/Chamber Shared Employee



Dead and Diseased Trees

Halleck Mine Update






Approval of Bills, 10/7/14 Minutes, September 2014 Municipal Judges Report and September 2014 Financials.



City Commission Meeting

The Bowman City Commissioners meet on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month at 5:00 PM at City Hall. To be placed on the City Agenda, please contact the City Financial Auditor, Peggy Allen at (701) 523-3309.

Lyn James

President of the City Commission

Lyn James is co-owner of Flowers and Cappuccino by Lasting Visions in Bowman, ND.  She is committed to her community and is currently serving her third term as President of the Bowman City Commission, after serving two terms as a City Commissioner. 

Lyn also serves on the Bowman County Economic Development Corporation Board of Directors, as well as several other local and regional boards and committees.  She proudly represents North Dakota as a member of the ND Peace Officers Standards and Training Board, as a member of the ND Energy Impact and Infrastructure Advisory Committee, and as a Director on the ND Economic Development Foundation Board.  Lyn has been the Queen Coordinator for the ND High School Rodeo Association for the past 22 years.  She is a member of St. Charles Catholic Church, Bowman Area Chamber of Commerce and Bowman Rotary Club.  Lyn is the past President of the ND League of Cities Executive Board, and served as a member of the Bowman Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, along with various other local and regional boards, committees and advisory positions. 

Lyn and her husband Gordon have two daughters, a son-in-law and three grandchildren.

Michael Sondeland

Water and Sewer Department Commissioner

Michael Sondeland is the newest member of the Bowman City Commission being elected to office in June of 2008.  Mike is serving as the Water and Sewer Department Commissioner.  He and his wife Colleen have live in the city of Bowman for 22 years where he served as District Conservationist for the Natural Resource Conservation Service and the Bowman Slope Soil Conservation District.  Mike, after receiving a degree in Agriculture from NDSU in 1970, retired in January of 2008 after more than 40 years with the U S Department of Agriculture.

Mike and Colleen have two children, a daughter -in-law and two grandchildren

Chuck Whitney

Street and Garbage Commissioner

Charles "Chuck " Whitney was elected to the Bowman City Commission in 2012 and serves as the Street and Garbage Commissioner.  Chuck received his BA from UNC, did work towards a Masters in Brussels Belgium and received a Doctorate in Chiropractic from Palmer College in Davenport IA.  He has subsequently completed three post doctoral diplomat programs in Orthopedics, Neurology and Acupuncture.  He has has lived in Bowman since 1981 excepting the 3 years in Davenport. 

Chuck and his wife Terri have three children, Chad, Jennifer and Brent.

Darren Limesand


Darrell West

Police Commissioner


Darrell was born and raised in the Bowman area.  He graduated from Bowman High School and was honorably discharged from the ND National Guard.  He is married to Jessica West and they have five children:  Alexia, Addam, Quade, Mark, and David.  He has achieved an AAS degree in Law Enforcement Technology and is currently the Bowman City Police Commissioner. 

During Darrell's time off he volunteers with the Bowman County Emergency Operations Center and is a Public Health Emergency Volunteer/Medical Reserves Corp with the ND Dept. of Health.  He is a member of the Southwest Disaster Behavioral Health Coalition as well as a member of the Bowman County Rural Ambulance District Board. Darrell currently works as a full time Advanced EMT with the Bowman County Rural Ambulance District and is the Safety/Decon Officer for Southwest Healthcare Services.