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Bowman City Commission



City Commission Minutes

June 04, 2019
4:00 pm

Minutes of the Regular City Commission meeting held on June 4, 2019 at City Hall at 4:00 PM.

Present:  Lyn James, Ryan Shear, Myron Vail, Benjamin Schaaf, Chuck Headley, Stacy McGee, Peggy Allen, Bill Mason, Todd Hofland, Marie Johnson, Brian Caron and Ken Schmidt.

Absent:  Darren Limesand

President James called the meeting order at 4:00 pm.  Allen asked to add Gaming Authorization to the agenda and Vail asked to add Zoning position to the agenda.  Motion by Shear, second by Schaaf to approve the amended agenda.  RCV= all aye, MC.

Checks: #11321 – 11355; Direct Deposit: $28,097.11; Voided Checks: None; Salary Checks: #103295; Salaries: $212.26; Bills:  Art Johnson $79.75, Postmaster $373.45, Advanced Business Methods $139.91, Bowman Cemetery $593.27, Bowman Chamber of Commerce $2,000.00, Bowman County Development Corporation $45,325.00, Bowman Fire Department $33,575.00, Bowman Golf Course $21,250.00, Bowman Park and Rec $39,148.18, Bowman Regional Public Library $20,745.00, Bowman Sales and Service $587.64, Brosz Engineering $2,757.50, Catherine Hedge $350.00, CNHI Capitol $57.75, Core and Main, LP $1,082.72, Coyle Electric $3,747.57, Dakota Dust-Tex $138.60, Eido Connect $56.00, Jim’s Repair $166.95, KPOK $70.00, Loretta Olind $400.00, MDU $7,419.26, Newby’s Ace Hardware $115.63, Northwest Tire $80.04, Peggy Allen $90.48, Pioneer Trails Museum $27,500.00, Team Laboratory $691.50, VISA $851.12, Wild & Weiss Law Office $150.00,

Tax and Tourism Checks #11350 - 11355

Tax and Tourism Bills:  All Seasons Arena $2,754.00, Bowman Chamber of Commerce $2,237.90, Bowman County Development $4,329.66, Bowman County Fair Association $4,314.00, Little Missouri Saddle Club $150.00, and Pioneer Trails Museum $2,500.00.


Dept. Head Report:  The Durapatcher came yesterday and we only have it for the month of June.  The crew is trying to get all the streets done before chip sealing starts.  


Dept. Head Report:  The hydrant south of the school is having issues because water table is too high.  Kruger will come and clean it out and they will add chips to make it more stable.  Their department has been working on water shut-offs and turning houses water on and off.


Cleaners Building:   Headley said that we haven’t received the consent to enter from the owner of the Bowman Cleaners building.  It’s a waiting game, we will probably have to have a court order to gain entry.  The contractor is waiting for the approval to enter to do inspection; the Commission directed Chief Headley to have Attorney Wild start the court order process.

Grass Cutting:  Headley said he started a new policy on non-maintained properties.  He is requiring someone to sign a complaint against the property in violation. 

The Commission wanted a different approach to get these lawns mowed.  Chief Headley said there is another aggressive approach they could take with the fine accumulating $25.00 every day.  As long as he has the Commissions’ backing on the aggressive approach, he will do it.  People going on vacation need to have someone watch their lawns and mow them.  Effective today, it will be an automatic citable offence, give them 3 days to mow and a progressive fine of $25.00 a day after the 3 days.

Hofland said the same people repetitively spray their grass clippings in the street.  Hofland is supposed to tell the Chief when they see it so they can enforce the ordinance. 


Zoning Position:  Vail met with Pearson and Frier from Bowman County about the City zoning position.  McGee will contact Pearson to talk about the specifics and then will get on the agenda with the County Commission.  They want to use an inspector and they have some other ideas they may want to implement.


ND Building Codes:  Was tabled until the next meeting or until the zoning position is decided.

Park and Rec City Sales Tax Request:  Allen presented the City Sales Tax request for Bowman Park and Rec.  Motion by Shear, second by Schaaf to approve the Bowman Park and Rec City Sales Tax request in the amount of $19,148.18.  RCV= all aye, MC.

Auditor Bond Resolution 2019-B-11:  Every June we are required to set the auditor bond by resolution.  James read the bond resolution number #2019-B-11.  Motion by Schaaf, second by Shear to approve Resolution #2019-B-11 to set the amount of the bond for the auditor.  RCV= all aye, MC.

Legislative Update:  Allen gave an update on the current legislation that has passed in regards to the bills that effect the city.

City Sales Tax Collection Contract:  Allen presented the City Sales Tax Collection Contract between the State of North Dakota and the City of Bowman.  This contract gets signed every two years.  The state is requesting to keep $309.00 per month for the cost of the collections.  Motion by Vail, second by Shear to approve the City Sales Tax Collection Contract with the State of North Dakota.  RCV= all aye, MC.

Men’s Night Permit Approval:  Allen presented an application for a non-liquor license alcohol permit for the Classic Beauty Salon.  Motion by Schaaf, second by Shear to approve the Classic Beauty Salon’s Men’s Night Permit #1.  This permit is valid through 9/4/19.  RCV= all aye, MC.

Gaming Authorizations:   Allen presented gaming permit authorization forms for approval.  The new gaming device added this year is electronic pull tabs.  This device will not be at Grazers Burgers and Beers.  Motion by Shear, second by Schaaf to approve the gaming site authorizations for Windy’s Bar, Has Been’s Bar, Crystal Bar and Grazers Burgers and Beer.  RCV= all aye, MC.


2018 Audit:  Wosepka reviewed the audit he completed for 2018.  He is retiring from doing municipal audits.  He gave Allen information on various other agencies to contact for municipal audits.  Wosepka said to ask these companies if anyone is interested in giving us a quote.  Motion by Vail, second by Schaaf to approve the 2018 Audit and have Wosepka send the 2018 Audit into the state.  RCV= all aye, MC.


                Cat leash Law:  Johnson wanted to know if there is a cat leash law because she is having a problem with cats defecating in her flowerbeds and she is tired of it.  The City does not have a leash law currently.  The City does not trap the cats anymore because we have had issues with trapping resident’s pets and having residents getting mad at the police department.  So now they loan out a tender trap for residents to use, there is a $25 refundable deposit for the tender trap.  They have dog kennels at the police department, but they don’t have anything for retaining the cats.  There is a citizen that takes the cats to Mandan to be adopted out. 

Mosquitos:  Johnson inquired why the City doesn’t fog for mosquitos.  The City doesn’t own a fogger and James said in the past, the Commission felt there is a concern of the effects on bees and other beneficial insects with fogging and spraying so that is the reason we use the vector system with pellets.  We have had a huge concern with people saying it would contaminate their airspace and people have fought it because they feel it causes cancer.

It’s been a wet year so we are going to have issues because of the properties with long grass and residents that don’t clean their gutters because they are great places for mosquitos to breed. 

Fireworks:  Johnson inquired about the City’s Fireworks Ordinance.  She doesn’t like being kept awake at night by fireworks.  Last year there were fireworks being set off at 10:30 pm, so Johnson called the police department and she said Officer Fischer wouldn’t enforce it because he said they could do it until 10:30 pm.  James asked Headley to speak with Fischer regarding the time frame for fireworks being ignited.  The time frame that fireworks can be set off in the city limits is June 27 to June 30 until 10:00 pm and July 1 through July 4 until 12:00 am.  James said it’s a short window of time and that is why they let them have an extended time frame in July.  Johnson said last year, the west side of her block was the worst in her neighborhood.

Johnson left the meeting before the end of discussion.


                Bakken Cookfest:  The Bakken Cookfest is July 16th, it will bring a lot of people to town, they usually serve 800-1000 people.  It is a family-oriented day with a free meal, music and fun; it’s a community event that the ND Petroleum Council puts it on.

Hofland and Mason have agreed to help get the tables and chairs on Monday and take them back Wednesday morning.  James said Main Street from the south side of 1st St North to the middle of the block by the Cedar Chest will need to be blocked off Monday afternoon to Wednesday noon.  We need traffic cones for designation of where the cookers will be placed.   There will be a stage at the intersection of 1st Street N and Main Street by Has Been’s Bar.  There will also be tents that fill Main Street and cookers alternating both sides of the street down to Divide Street.  There will be a tent for Veterans and another tent for information and vendors.  By Wells Fargo there will be a bouncy house and a rock-climbing wall for kids, toilets and dumpsters. 

There will be classes at the Bowman Lodge for the oil field staff members in the morning and cooking on Main street will start at 11:00 am, and the information section starts at 2:00 pm.  Vision West will have a presentation and then there will be an evening meal. 

Chief Headley is ok with the streets being blocked off.

Cross Roads Business Park:  Started Paving yesterday at the Crossroads Business Park.


Hofland explained how the snow removal procedure for the City of Bowman works which takes approximately 12 hours.  The snow gate costs $10,000 to $12,000 for a blade and $28,000 for a loader.  The circles get a lot of wear and tear from using these devices which would increases the repairs to equipment.  Hofland said Bismarck keeps extra snow gates on hand because of breakdown.  The snow gates do not work if you get over 4” of snow fall, and because of how the gate works, it narrows the streets and still leaves a berm of snow.  If there are two driveways together, then all the snow goes in one person’s yard which is not fair to the property owner.  You have to reduce your speed in half to use the snow gates so it could take 24 to 36 hours to clean town with snow gates. (2 to 3 days vs. 1 day)

Schmidt said it’s frustrating to pay someone to clean their driveway and then the City drives by and fills in the driveway again so they have to have the snow removed again.  Schmidt feels strong enough about using snow gates he will get a petition going requiring the city to use them if the City does not take the initiative to do it. 

Schmidt left the meeting before the end of discussion.

James asked Caron if he had any comments to make about snow gates and Caron said he has been criticized in the past for helping out, so he limits who he helps with snow removal. 

Hofland said we could use the landfill loader to help out with snow removal but it would require new tires because it has special tires for the landfill.  The Commission said they will keep talking about the possibility of purchasing snow gates, especially at budget time.


Motion by Shear, second by Schaff to approve the bills and the meeting minutes for 5/7/19 and 5/21/19.  RCV= all aye, MC.

Next meeting is June 18, 2019.

President James adjourned the meeting at 5:50 pm.


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Peggy Allen, City Financial Auditor                                            Lyn James, President of City Commission

City Commission Meeting Agenda

June 18, 2019
4:00 PM


Tuesday, June 18, 2019 at 4:00 pm

Bowman City Hall, 101 1st St. NE


*Agenda Policy*:  The City follows a strict agenda policy in order to insure transparency to the citizens of Bowman.  NO topics will be discussed that are not on the agenda unless said topic constitutes an emergency action.


 4:00  -  4:30 PM               Call Meeting to Order, Approval of Agenda and Pledge of Allegiance

                                                Commissioners Review of Bills

                                                Dept. Head Reports/Engineering (Mason, Hofland, Headley, and Brosz)  

 4:30  - 4:45 PM                 Vision West – Membership Benefits       

   4:45 – 5:00 PM                Sweetwater Golf Course – 2020 Budget Request

   5:00 – 5:10 PM                Bowman Cemetery – 2020 Budget Request

   5:10 – 5:20 PM                Drew Henderson – Summerfest Request

   5:20 – 5:30 PM                Southwest Healthcare City Sales Tax Request

   5:30 PM                           Fireworks Discussion City Ordinance Chapter 4, Article 4, Possible 1st Reading,

               discussion on changing the hours of discharge and adding verbiage.


Budget Amendments

Open Forum

Close of Meeting

  • Approval of Bills, 6/4/19 Minutes, and May 2019 Financials.   
  • Next Meeting Date:   July 2, 2019
  • Adjournment of Meeting

City Commission Meeting

The Bowman City Commissioners meet on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month at 5:00 PM at City Hall. To be placed on the City Agenda, please contact the City Financial Auditor, Peggy Allen at (701) 523-3309.

2018 Bowman City Commission Meeting Dates


Meetings start at 4:00 PM at City Hall, unless otherwise stated!


January 4**                                                 July 3

January 16*                                                 July 17

                                                                    July 24, 26 & 31***         


February 6                                                   August 6**

February 20*                                                August 21


March 6                                                        September 4*

March 20                                                      September 18


April 3                                                            October 2

April 3 - Equalization Mtg. 3:30 pm              October 16

             April 17


May 1                                                               November 5**

May 14**                                                     November 20


June 5                                                              December 4

June 19                                                            December 18

             June 26

            * Meeting falls the day after a holiday, therefore the agenda requests must be in the City Auditors Office by the Friday before the meeting at 11:00 am.


            ** Normal meeting date:  Date was rescheduled to this date. 


            *** 2018 Budget Prep Meetings:  July 24th and 26th  meeting will start at 8:00 am and lunch will be from 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm and  will recess when done completing a “section” of the budget and reconvene the next day at 8:00 am.   July 31st will be an extra day if needed.


Lyn James

President of the City Commission

Lyn James is co-owner of Flowers and Cappuccino by Lasting Visions in Bowman, ND. She is committed to her community and is currently serving her third term as President of the Bowman City Commission, after serving two terms as a City Commissioner. 

Lyn also serves on the Bowman County Economic Development Corporation Board of Directors, as well as several other local and regional boards and committees. She proudly represents North Dakota as a member of the ND Peace Officers Standards and Training Board, as a member of the ND Energy Impact and Infrastructure Advisory Committee, and as a Director on the ND Economic Development Foundation Board. Lyn has been the Queen Coordinator for the ND High School Rodeo Association for the past 22 years. She is a member of St. Charles Catholic Church, Bowman Area Chamber of Commerce, and Bowman Rotary Club. Lyn is the past President of the ND League of Cities Executive Board, and served as a member of the Bowman Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, along with various other local and regional boards, committees and advisory positions. 

Lyn and her husband Gordon have two daughters, a son-in-law, and three grandchildren.

Darren Limesand


Ryan Shear

Street & Garbage Commissioner

Ryan Shear was born and raised in Bowman. He moved to Redmond, OR in 2006 and graduated from Redmond High School Global Academy in 2008.   He then moved back to Bowman, and while working; did online courses with Rasmussen College for Criminal Justice. Currently, he is the manager at Professional Auto Body LLC and High Plains Glass & Towing. Ryan is married to Danielle Shear and they have three children: Isaiah, Isabella, & Elijah. Ryan is very community minded and cares deeply about the present and future of Bowman.

During Ryan’s off time, he volunteers for Bowman Ambulance as an EMR. He has been a part of the squad since 2009. He is a representative for the City Commission on the City Planning & Zoning Board, County Zoning Board, & The Bowman Renaissance Zone Authority. Ryan also likes to spend his free time traveling and spending quality time with his family. 

Mryon "Tiger" Vail

City Commissioner

Benjamin (Benji) Schaaf

Police Commissioner


Benji is a native of Bowman, graduating Bowman High School.  He is married to Lindsey and together have two children, Emma and Evan.  Benji currently works as the parts manager for Bowman Sales and Service and is a member of the Bowman Assembly of God Church, serving as an Awana leader.  He is a volunteer with the Bowman Ambulance Squad and is serving on the Bowman Regional Public Library board.  His hobbies include riding motocycle, watcing supercross and motorcross, and spendig time with his family.